Several months ago we started running events at a bar in Soho. During the first event I met several people looking for advice on how to get a job in finance and what the industry was like….  I also met a few undergraduates looking for advice on what the software industry was like…. I realized shortly after that we have a huge community (currently 1350 between the two groups) and a great opportunity within our community to connect people and launched the free Community Connections service.

What is the service?

A free service in which we introduce people to others with similar interests or those that can help in a particular area. If there is anything you would be interested to speak to a specialist about or you’re looking to meet others with a similar interest let me know and I’ll try to find someone in the network that I can introduce you to. PLEASE NOTE this is NOT a recruitment effort, moreover a chance to meet a mentor or specialist that may be able to offer support/guidance in a particular area.

Previous introductions have been in these areas: 

  • Coding problems around a specific technology
  • Members that had Recently graduated and looking for a mentor to give you industry advice
  • Want to find out how to break into finance or contracting
  • Interested to try a new language and want someone to suggest some good resources
  • Career / CV / Recruitment advice
  • Looking for developers to help with your open source project OR looking for an open source project and want advice on one to join
  • Started interviewing people but want to discuss some new techniques
  • Just new to London and want to meet some people with similar interests


How does it work? What happens next?

It’s informal, free and ad hoc. If there is something that you would like to find out about or someone you would like to meet then let me know just send me an e-mail with ‘Introduction’ in the subject title and I will endeavor to make an introduction. If I can help I’ll send an email to introduce you both.

We recommend that you arrange to meet at the monthly social event (3rd Tuesday of every month) during which we attract 50-80 people within a social, friendly atmosphere.

DISCLAIMER: As this is a free service it’s something I can’t guarantee but where possible I’ll do what I can to connect you with people that can help.

Why do it? Why is it free? What’s the catch?

Ultimately we are a community and I am interested in bringing everyone together as much as possible. Hopefully if I am able to help you meet someone that can offer help and guidance and in the future you are looking for a position or come across someone else that is looking, you will consider contacting me. But I stress this is not a prerequisite of the introduction.

Here is some feedback from connections in the past.
Past Feedback:

“It was very nice, I was looking for firsthand experience and I got it. Basically his suggestions were what I was suspecting but it is good to have a confirmation from a person working on it. Anyway he suggested to collaborate in a finance open-source project what I have not thought before and I think it is very good experience.”

“I’d say both the introductions were a success – they both had a lot to say about Agile techniques and a lot of experience to share. I definitely found it much more constructive having meetings organized”