If you are currently looking for a graduate for a summer placement, the event on 15th will be a great place to meet some developers with an in interest in software. London Developers: Takin it to the pub ***PLEASE NOTE DIFFERENT ADDRESS***


Each month we have an informal social event aimed at Java developers of all levels. It is advertised and promoted to members of several Java related user groups and we generally attract 50-80 people to the events.

Other than the LJC we also run a group specifically for graduates with an interest in software development. This month we also have a presentation, aimed at Graduates, taking place on the same day. After a recent poll for graduates it seemed that quite a few would be keen on finding a summer placement. We decided to invite them to attend the pub event and hopefully connect them with employers. It is important to note that the graduates attending our presentation are those interested in developing themselves in their spare time by attending events on Open Source Software.

The presentation is scheduled to finish at 20:00 at which point we will be leading the Graduates to the Crown Tavern. Those interested in finding a placement will be wearing a coloured name badge to make them easy to identify. The event is intended to provide a platform for introductions to these graduates and facilitate the exchange of contact details. If you are interested in coming along please register here.

We would advise you bring business cards along as well as information about your company / products etc.

This is intended as a way to connect Employers and Interns and is NOT a recruitment effort. If you have any intention of attending to recruit a graduate please discuss with event organizer Barry Cranford on b.cranford@clearview-itrs.co.uk