Packt, publisher of specialist IT books, has today announced the launch of new discounts for any orders of multiple books. Visitors to who purchase 2-4 books will automatically receive an 18% discount, while those who purchase 5-10 books will receive 20% off of the books’ cover prices.

These discounts are available across all of Packt’s hard copy books bought via the company’s website, and organisations of all sizes are offered the opportunity to obtain books for their employees or members at discounted prices.

Larger discounts are on offer as well. If a greater number of books are required, an email address has been set up – – to help customers contact us about ordering in bulk much more efficiently. “Particularly since the launch of Packt Enterprise and Packt Open Source, Packt’s books are becoming ever more focussed, and therefore increasingly relevant to the specific needs of larger organisations.”, said Mark Nichols, marketing executive at Packt Publishing. “These new, easy to access discounts means that facilitating purchases in bulk will be much more simple.”