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Packt Publishing are a unique publishing company specializing in highly focused books on specific technologies and solutions – please visit their site to find out more about them:

Each month we run a promotion with Packt in which LJC members will be selected at random to receive free books. This month we are offering 2 LJC members the chance to win;

First Prize Winner will receive 1 print copy of his/her choice,
Runner Up Winner – 1 ecopy of his/her choice

Here are the books on offer this month. Packt have kindly offered the most recently published Java books in celebration of it being the last month of the year! The winner will be picked at random and announced at the end of the month:

JBoss AS 5 Development
Google App Engine Java and GWT Application Development
JavaFX 1.2 Application Development Cookbook
Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 Application Server
Alfresco 3 Web Content Management
EJB 3.0 Database Persistence with Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g
Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools: Beginner’s Guide
JasperReports 3.6 Development Cookbook
BlackBerry Java Application Development
Learning Ext JS 3.2

To take part in the promotion all you have to do is send an email to me at with your name, your book choice and the address you would like your book to be sent. Please mark ‘Packt Publishing’ as the subject title.

Please visit the Packt site at

Congratulations to the winners of our November draw – Mike Boskov and Konstantinos Papalias!

Good luck,

Barry Cranford

JRebel maps your project workspace directly to your running application. When a developer makes a change to any class or resource in their IDE the change is immediately reflected in the application, skipping the build and redeploy phases. For further information see their site: http://www.zeroturnar…

We have two personal licenses of JRebel including their Enterprise Add-on (a combined value of $159 USD) to offer this month.

To take part in the promotion all you have to do is send an email to me at with your name and email address. Please mark JRebel as the subject title.



Hi all,

For those who don’t already know – the LJC was an official Java User Group (JUG) under Sun and after Oracle’s purchase of Sun we are also considered to be an official JUG under Oracle.  However, Oracle also already have an International Oracle User Group (IOUC) structure, which is how they are currently managing their interaction with the JUGs.

There have been many discussions on the JUG leaders mailing list (as well as some in person meetings with Oracle) as to how the JUGs should
interact with Oracle. I won’t bore you to death with the long arguments and debate (those who are interested can get the full story
from me) but I thought I’d let you know what the current state of the play is.

1. We’ve signed up to the IOUC community portal so that we can be made aware of the details of any Oracle lead events (e.g. JavaOne).

2. We’re on a fortnightly call with JUG leaders and Oracle to discuss topics/concerns about the Java eco-system.

3. Oracle would like the JUGs to be organised a little bit more formally so they can communicate with us easier on a geographical level (e.g. Europe) and so that when they organise events like JavaOne that they can offer the free/discounted tickets, organise JUG leader days and other such things. To be clear Oracle are _not_ asking us to hand over any sort of control in any way, shape or form. They’re simply struggling to deal with the 100’s (1000’s?) of individual JUGs when it comes to organising global or regional events.  Their intent is to also engage locally with each JUG as well (we already have some Oracle employees in the LJC, so we’re sorted on that front).

3.a) The JUG leaders mailing list have flipped that around a little and are currently debating whether to organise ourselves a little more formally, not just for dealing with Oracle, but for dealing with any vendor/entity in the Java eco-system.

We don’t know where this is going at this stage but rest assured we won’t be signing up to _anything_ without discussion with the community first.  However, despite some of Oracle’s public gaffs in dealing with the various Java and other communities it inherited from Sun – there’s much to be positive about.  There’s certainly a willingness on Oracle’s side to be a good community partner with the JUGs as opposed to controlling them.

Let us know if you want any further details!

What is the LJC

The London Java Community (LJC) is a group of Java Enthusiasts who are interested in benefiting from shared knowledge in the industry. Through our forum and regular meetings you can keep in touch with the latest industry developments, learn new Java (& other JVM) technologies, meet other developers, discuss technical/non technical issues and network further throughout the Java Community.