Ah, the last full week of events until a very long break for the event of the year.  Yes, you know what I am talking about, its in all the papers and on everyone’s lips… there is only  yes that’s right there is only 9 days left until the release of Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty).  Oh, and Dr Who is back on BBC1 on Saturday and if your desperate there are a couple of people are getting married apparently, just in case you missed it!

This week’s highlights include:

Geek nights Lua – something new and shiny, we all love those sorts of things 🙂

And dont forget the LJC developer sessions social event, the default topic this month is “Java in the cloud” although you can talk about anything you like.  We are still at the Porterhouse, a great pub in Covent garden.  I wont be able to make it as I’m running an all day event, but hopefully people will blog and email any interesting stuff that happened so I dont miss out completely.

Erlang user group meeting – Erlang is something else on my to-do list and the user group meetings are a great opportunity to see whats happening with the language

London Scala coding dojo is an evening of pizza, drinks and writing Scala code in small teams of 3-4 people.  The coding dojo is a very effective way to get started with the language, as you can ask people questions when you get stuck.  Trying to solve the problem in a group of people you have just met is also a great way to learn lots of different ideas and great for team building.

Events coming up

Ubuntu 11.04 release
Dr Who – Saturday, BBC1, 6pm

Summary of Last weeks events
Last night was a really enjoyable gathering at the London Software Craftsmanship community, kindly hosted by YouDevise at their offices in the City.  After eating the very nice pizza provided, we all came up with some topics we wanted to discuss, including – development in the Cloud, Dynamic languages and from our diabolic developer: Destroy the Church of Software Craftsmanship.  Lively discussions went on throughout the evening and continued in the pub (although I had to duck out as I am running a user group meeting today).

JAX London was a great conference and I learnt a great deal over the three days.  Hopefully we will be running some architecture kata sessions with the software craftsmanship community soon, based on the pragmatic architecture all day workshop by Ted Neward.  The talk on Apache TomEE was very interesting, a really simple and powerful application server from David Blevins and the team behind OpenEJB.  Our diabolical developer gave a more serious talk on Java 7 that was a highlight for many attendees.  My talk on Clojure also got a number of great tweets and I had a lot of great feedback.

Thank you

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