Events coming up
Ubuntu open week is running this week with a range of free online live workshops, via IRC, helping you get the most out of the open source software available on Ubuntu / Debian based Linux operating systems.  See the schedule

Clojure coding dojo is tonight at the Thoughtworks offices, another chance to practice your functional programming on the JVM.  There will also be sandwiches, quiche and sausage roles to keep the brain cells firing.. Sign up for quick to get one of the 3 remaining tickets.

The Python code dojo is on Thursday 5th May, so its a busy week of coding.  The event has one ticket left so sign up quick.

Summary of Last weeks events

I had a great time updating my PC’s and Laptops to the new release of Ubuntu 11.04 with the striking update to Unity desktop, now using Compiz so you get lots of cool 3D effects.  I find the new desktop layout really quick for launching and navigating between applications and there are lots of handy keyboard shortcuts, so the mouse (touchpad) gets a good rest.

If you have not seen the new desktop, have a look at the overview by OMG Ubuntu and have a look at the keyboard shortcut wallpaper.

Nothing much else happened last week that I know of 🙂