Netiquette – Guidelines for the use of email on the London Java Community(


Whether you are a new or experienced member of this community, it is important to be aware of the conventions and points of good practice which have been developed within the community – network etiquette or ‘netiquette’.

Based on extended experience of e-mail and network use (and misuse), the following Netiquette is recommended to members. Please adopt these simple points of good practice and etiquette in your use of emails.

The Dos

* Remember the laws of the land relating to written communication apply equally to e-mail, including laws on defamation, copyright, obscenity, fraud and discrimination.

* Remember that the Internet is an open world – treat the security of e-mail messages about the same as a postcard i.e. Anyone might see what you have written.

* Make a good impression – your e-mail will be seen by persons who don’t know you, so ensure that what you write and how you write it gives the reader the right impression – they may be your future employer.

* Use humour and sarcasm with care – not everyone will appreciate it and without voice inflection and body language, mail messages can be easily misinterpreted. It sometimes helps to use ’emoticons’ such as a smiley face e.g. 🙂

The Don’ts

* Don’t broadcast e-mail unnecessarily – this can be easy to do by mistake and will probably annoy the group members intensely.

* Don’t send frivolous, vulgar, abusive or defamatory messages – apart from being discourteous and offensive, they may break the law.

* Don’t ‘flame’ – Flames are messages or replies that express anger or might anger the reader. Don’t get involved in flame wars. Neither post nor respond to incendiary mail.

* Don’t ‘spam’ – i.e. Don’t send electronic garbage. Sending junk e-mail, such as advertisements, or other unsolicited material, to you don’t know is considered ‘spamming’.

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