Attendees: Trisha Gee; Mike Barker; Barry Cranford; Martijn Verburg; Ben Evans; Simon Maple

As an overall note, we didn’t assign action points to specific people in the meeting other than those whose names are mentioned above.  Rather than swamp ourselves with process, at the moment we’re feeling our way around to see what’s going to work best for us as a grassroots user organisation.

  1. The LJC will spin off a small group to handle JCP-related matters, so that we can keep it manageable but encourage a more active participation from members (i.e. more active than the associates group). This group will start off being those who attended this meeting, and will grow to include additional LJC members who have the time and interest to participate regularly.
  2. Members of the LJC JCP group are expected to turn up to all f2f meetings, and to be active and vocal participants of the group. This does represent a certain level of time commitment.
  3. Separate mailing list for LJC/JCP committee to be created (done!)
  4. We’ll send minutes of the JCP meetings to the new google group for the JCP committee.  A public summary will go into a monthly update blogpost (see next point)
  5. We (the LJC/JCP committee) will write blog posts about important events / topics related to what’s been going on in our JCP world. The blog posts will be pointed to via the usual channels (LJC mailing list, twitter etc).  We will also point the other Euro JUGs to these updates. At minimum, the summary of minutes will be posted – but there will be additional posts on topics of interest.
  6. If there’s an upcoming important topic to vote on, we will do lightning talks on the subjects at a suitable event so that we can inform the community about the issue and request feedback. Lightning talks will be delivered by a member of the JCP group.
  7. We will compile a list of open JSRs and encourage involvement from the LJC.  We should encourage people to “Adopt a JSR” – find out about it, present about it, get involved.  We should blog to suggest this, and we need to find ways to create a low barrier to entry for getting involved.
  8. Suggestion to do a session at the unconference on the JCP and our involvement
  9. Trish to prepare a lightning talk on the JCP and JSRs
  10. Mike to present a lightning talk on Project Coin
  11. ISSUE: If we have any physical paperwork from our involvement, where do we store it? Tabled for discussion at next meeting

LJC members – this is a rare chance for you to get involved in helping guide the future of the Java ecosystem! Please contact me (Ben Evans – @kittylyst on twitter, or through my profile on the LJC site) and I’ll get you started!