Hi all,

Thanks to everyone that made it out last night.

We had an amazing turn out, I didn’t count but looked like over 70 people in the audience. I had a lot of good feedback last night and you can see a review from Paul Grenyer here , the video will be available here  and please visit the Meetup event page or use the twitter tag #ljc_springroo to see or write comments and feedback.

Thanks goes firstly to Jan for coming down from Manchester to give the presentation last night and of course to Guy Remond and Cake Solutions for providing the pizzas and beer. Feel free to get in touch with Jan (Technical side) or Pete (Business side) for further information on Cake. It is well worth checking out the upcoming Agile World Conference that is being organised and run by Cake Solutions. Thanks also to Arthur Embleton for the Lightning talk on Play Framework, again it was well received from all I spoke to after the event. Finally thanks to SkillsMatter for providing the venue and making these events so easy to organise.

Whilst we don’t have any Spring Roo positions, we have a lot of roles involving Spring. If you would like to check out our latest jobs visit our job board. Please remember that we have new jobs in every week and some are placed before we advertise them, so for the best positions give Andrew, Kenric or myself a shout and we’ll let you know which roles would be the best match for you.

Our next presentation is on JVM Cloud Platforms – looking forward to seeing you there – http://www.meetup.com/Londonjavacommunity/events/21137121/