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As you know, we were one of the final nominations for the Ambassador category at the recent JAX innovation awards. Our very own Paul Fremantle was on hand to represent the LJC (thanks Paul!). Sadly, we couldn’t quite make it over the final hurdle, losing out to a Martin Odersky (who I think we can agree is a worthy winner!)

The JAX innovation awards is a fantastic celebration of the Java ecosystem and its community.  As you know they’re holding a another conference in London this year (http://jaxlondon.com/), I recommend you check it out!

The full gory details of the various categories and the winners can be found below (pretty much copy and pasted from the JAX press release).




The winners of the JAX Innovation Awards were announced tonight during a ceremony at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, host this week to the very first JAX Conference to take place in the USA.

After an intensive 3 month program of nominations, judging and community votes, which saw thousands of votes cast, the Awards were presented by judging panel chair, Sebastian Meyen, and Mark Hazell, of organizers S&S Media.

The JAX Innovation Awards recognized and rewarded the excellence and innovation present across the Java Ecosystem, with 3 categories determined by community voting.

The Award winners were announced as:

  • Most Innovative Java Technology – JRebel
  • Most Innovative Java Company – Red Hat
  • Top Java Ambassador – Martin Odersky
  • Special Jury Award – Brian Goetz

Jevgeni Kabanov, founder and CTO of Zero Turnaround, the company behind JRebel, expressed his thanks to the communities for nominating and voting for JRebel as Most Innovative Java Technology.

Accepting his award via video link, Top Java Ambassador winner Martin Odersky said, “It is a great honour to be made top java ambassador. I see it as recognition of 16 years passionate work, first around Java, then around Scala, in which my goal has always been to blend functional programming methods in a smooth way into the Java environment.”

The presenters were joined on stage by Dan Allen, of Red Hat, to accept the Most Innovative Java Company Award, who said, “We feel honoured and excited, especially as this is a community based award and working together with the community is so valuable for all of us at Red Hat”.

Finally, Meyen announced the winner of a special Jury Award as Brian Goetz, Java language architect at Oracle. The official statement from the jury reads:

“The Jury‘s vote goes to Brian Goetz, who is now responsible for the Java language. He has demonstrated, that he will not rest on the laurels of Java’s past success, but elevate Java to the next level going forward. He deserves this award because the impact of his work will ripple far and wide through the community, far further than any individual contributions, present or past. Brian Goetz is not only evangelizing. He’s doing. And by doing he is shaping the future of the platform in a way that few others could. He’s been 100% dedicated to the Java community for well over
a decade, as both an independent and now the official Java Language Architect.“

The winner of each category receives $2,500 from S&S Media, and the recognition of their peers in the Java Ecosystem as best in class, 2011.

The Jury was made up from many well known personalities from the Java Ecosystem and included developers, analysts and publishers and included:

  • James Governor RedMonk
  • Dierk König Canoo Engineering AG
  • Kito D. Mann JSFCentral
  • Sebastian Meyen Software & Support Media
  • Fabiane Bizinella Nardon Java Champion & Duke Award Winner
  • Ted Neward Neward & Associates
  • Bola Rotibi Intellect Consulting
  • Bruno Souza Brazilian JavaMan
  • Darryl K. Taft Editor of eWeek (Ziff Davis Enterprise)

The Awards and Organizers:

The JAX Innovation Awards are organized by S&S Media Group, one of the most comprehensive one of the most comprehensive media providers of services for the IT and web world. Through its conferences, print magazines, online platforms, books, and trainings, S&S Media makes connections
to IT professionals and web and graphic designers from all industries. From developers and designers to architects, project managers, marketing professionals and CIOs, S&S Media provides a means to interact.

Among the best-known events of S&S Media are the conferences JAX!, BASTA!, Mobile TechCon and webinale. The company has offices around the globe, including London, San Francisco, Frankfurt and Potsdam For information about the Software & Support Media Group please visit: http://www.sandsmedia.com

The JAX Innovation Awards were originally conceived in 2006 in Germany with a European focus. To recognise the global extension of the JAX brand, the scale and scope of the JAX Innovation Awards was increased in 2011; inviting every company, community and person working in the Java Ecosystem Worldwide to input.

The winners:

Martin Odersky heads the programming research group at EPFL. His research interests cover fundamental as well as applied aspects of programming languages. The main focus if his work lies in the integration of object-oriented and functional programming. His research thesis is that the two paradigms are just two sides of the same coin and should be unified as much as possible. To prove this he has experimented a number of language designs, from Pizza to GJ to Functional Nets. He has also influenced the development of Java as a co-designer of Java generics and as the original
author of the current javac reference compiler. His current work concentrates on the Scala programming language, which unifies FP and OOP, while
staying completely interoperable with Java and .NET.

Red Hat is a leader in open source software. Red Hat’s middleware division focuses on enterprise middleware, primarily Java based, and is the organisation behind JBoss, the popular open source Java EE application server, the Hibernate ORM framework, the Seam framework, the Drools rule engine, jBPM, Infinispan, JGroups, RichFaces and several other popular open source projects. Red Hat middleware has been active in pushing the envelope of Java technology, and has led several JSRs, was instrumental in modernising and keeping Java EE compelling and relevant: through Java EE5, Java EE 6, EJB 3 and CDI specifications, among others. Red Hat middleware continues to push the boundaries of Java, making sure it is relevant to cloud and PaaS vendors. Red Hat is also an active contributor to OpenJDK, very important for vendorneutral Java adoption.

JRebel is a JVM-plugin that makes it possible for Java developers to instantly see any code change made to an app without redeploying. JRebel lets you see code changes instantly, versioning classes and resources individually and updating one at a time instead of as a lump application redeploy.
JRebel solved the problem that has plagued the Java industry from the start, catalyzed development of instant turnaround in various Java technologies and erased the competitive advantage enjoyed by dynamic languages.

Brian Goetz has been a professional software developer for more than twenty years. He is the author of the very successful ‘Java Concurrency in Practice’, and has written over 75 articles on Java development. He is one of the primary members of the Java Community Process JSR 166 Expert
Group (Concurrency Utilities), and has served on numerous other JCP Expert Groups. Brian is Java Language Architect at Oracle.

For information about the JAX Innovation Awards contact Hartmut Schlosser:
+49 (0) 696 300 8936

For more information about JAX Conf, contact Mark Hazell:
+44 (0) 20 7401 4845