Martijn and I have been at OSCON 2011 (the O’Reilly Open Source conference – http://www.oscon.com/oscon2011/ ).

It has been an amazing week so far – huge numbers of the leading lights of the Open Source world (not just Java, but from across the industry).

We hosted a panel on the Java standards process and the JCP – there’s a good write-up of it here: http://www.javaworld.com/community/node/8086

We’ve also been busy on the language interop front – we organized an impromptu meeting of language geeks (including committers from JRuby, Scala, Clojure, Gosu and a couple of others) to talk about design of language interoperability features.

Will do a proper write-up of the conference when we get back, as there have been a lot of really great talks and presentations. We’re also hoping to arrange for some of the speakers we saw to come and present to the LJC when they’re visiting London.


Ben Evans