Hi all,

After much thought and consideration the LJC JCP Committee have cast their votes for the JCP elections (Look for the Executive Committee Elections heading at jcp.org).  We’re making our vote public and will give our reasons according to the openness and transparency requirements for the committee.

The list of nominees for the SE/EE seats and the ME seats are as follows:

There were 3 ratified seats and 2 open seats up for election in both the ME and SE/EE ECs.  Although it may seem like the ratified seats are shoe-ins since to the number of candidates == the number of available seats, enough no votes can make a candidate ineligible to take the seat.

SE/EE Ratified Seat Vote

Ericsson AB, Intel and SAP all get yes votes – they are important players in the Java ecosystem and in Ericsson’s case we are also looking to the future of the combined SE/EE/ME EC, where mobile expertise will be required.

SE/EE Open Seat Vote

This was a very close vote as the strength of candidates was unprecedented. Azul Systems and Twitter Inc narrowly ran out as winners for our yes votes with CloudBees losing out by the narrowest of margins.

So despite not getting our vote this time around, a special mention goes out to Steve Harris of CloudBees.  We’d like to thank him for his amazing work at Oracle with JEE and look forward to seeing what his leadership will bring for the EE ecosystem working at CloudBees.

ME Ratified Seat Vote

IBM and Nokia get yes votes as they large global players and have been active participants in the ME EC

SK Telecom receive a no vote because of their attendance and participation record.

ME Open Seat Vote

ARM and Alex Terrazas get our yes votes.

  • ARM because it is vital that Java has a strong story to tell with regards to ARM chipsets.
  • Alex because he’s bought real effort and a breath of fresh air into an ME EC that was largely full of absent members.  His expertise in the embedded space and unusual applications of that (biological interfaces) brings a much needed technical slant to the ME EC.


Although the Committee has voted for and endorsed these particular candidates, any LJC member who is also a JCP member can (and no doubt will) vote any way they wish to.


Martijn (on behalf of the LJC JCP committee – Ben E, Martijn V, Trisha G, James G, Richard W, Simon M, Mike B, Somay N)