• Richard Warburton
  • Somay Nakhal
  • Ben Evans
  • James Gough
  • Martijn Verburg
  • Trish Gee
  • Mike Barker


  • Review TODOs from last meeting
  • JSR-331– Constraints Programming for Java – Proposed Final Draft. We have Openness and Transparency Concerns.
    • There’s one potential Adopt a JSR LJC member that we can use to look into this (Lanre)
  • JSR-333 – Content Repository API – Early Draft Review, last day of review: 30 October 2011.
  • JSR-351 – Identity.  As we have major concerns about the validity of this JSR we should discuss whether to get them in for a presentation.
    • Meta: Stimulating discussion about JSRs on the SE/EE list. e.g. we didn’t publicise our concerns about JSR 351 on the SE/EE EC alias – and I think a lot of other members would have had more concerns if we’d spoken up on-list
  • Adopt a JSR program
    • Progress Reports on existing Adopted JSRs
    • Discussion on where we go next with this
    • Publicising the list of people who have joined the program back to the LJC (and beyond)
  • Adopt the OpenJDK program
  • Discuss candidates for the upcoming JCP elections
  • Other business


  • Issues from last meeting were reviewed
  • JSR-331 – BE to send to SE/EE list saying we’re going to vote no and here’s why. Before he does, check with Werner Kiel.
    • We need to list our criteria for voting on any JSR on the wiki (MB)
    • We need to update our voting record on (BE/MB)
  • Look into into 333 for our voting stance (MB)
  • Accept 351 invitation for webinar (BE)
    • solicit comments before the vote (BE to ask Patrick)
  • Launch Adopt a JSR by end of Oct (MV)
    • 350 report, new project, (SM will adopt a JSR)
    • Submit a BOF on JSR-310 at Open Conference (JG)
    • Find people to ‘Adopt the JMS 2.0 JSR’, (TG talk to BE)
  • Set up a JCP Committee voting poll (MV)
    • Post early endorsement of a candidate (BE/MV)
    • Promote this election (All of us)
  • Lead an ‘Adopt an OpenJDK’ (TBA)
    • Get a collection of LJC people to work on the build (MV)
    • Propose Oracle to allow JEPs without being a committer (MV/BE/TG/MB at Devoxx)
  • Next meeting to be scheduled for November, the week after Devoxx (BE/MV)
  • We need to have our contact details in a Shared Document (Everyone)
  • Martijn to buy the next lot of Wine (MV)
Martijn (On behalf of the LJC JCP Committee)