Hey guys,

We have had a cracking start to the year for the LJC. We had 66 new members join and have over 2125 members now which is awesome and had a whopping 490 RSVPs although I think some of this was down to the generosity of QCon, JFokus and Packt with their competitions.  Well done to Savvas Dalkitsis and Caspar MacRae – JFokus, Miles Burton – QCon, Donald Matheson and Rob Cook – Packt. We’ll keep our feelers out on other give aways that we can get for you, if anyone knows of upcoming conferences we could sponsor to get a free ticket just let me know. We also started our fortnightly events email service to let you know about events going on with our User Group partners around London. The next one should be out within a few days.


The 11th of Jan was our most popular Code Share to date and was on Concurrency. Some great feedback “really enjoyed this. Some very good speakers and really learned a lot” Dave Snowdon and Ged Byrne have got a superb event going now, with a combination of repeat offenders and new comers, I would definitely recommend checking them out if you are interested in developing your programming skills by stripping everything back to the code. The next one is on Dependency Injection tomorrow (already fully booked), but I understand that they have plenty more lined up.

We then had our monthly Developer Sessions on Tuesday 17th, which was sponsored by our kind friends, Atlassian. Here is some feedback lifted straight from the event page:

“Awesome event, discussed 2 start-ups, some graph theory for my open source project and a heap of other interesting conversations!”
“Good chat. Met some interesting people. More enthusiastic now about my own projects after talking about them.”

For anyone that hasn’t come along to one of the Developer Sessions event that is interested in the social side of programming you should definitely get along. Again, we have about half the people are first timers, so if you are new to London or just looking to make a few friends then please do come down.

We also had the OpenJDK Hacknight event on the 31st of Jan in which we saw around 20 patches created!!

Finally, on the 1st February we had our event on Xtend and Xtext “Xtend was more interesting than I thought it would be as it actually produces Java Source code instead of its own byte code. This effectively means that it is safe to use in traditionally conservative environments.” Thanks to Sven and Sebastien for that. If you’re interested the link for the video can be found on the SkillsMatter page here

JCP news

Along with the OpenJDK Hack night event we have had some other things going on. The LJC initiated adopt a JSR program has also been featured in the latest Oracle magazine. It’s great to see that not only is this program having a significant difference on Java as a whole but it’s being recognised, supported and promoted by Oracle themselves.

* The global ‘Adopt OpenJDK’ program will be launching very soon. Once again the LJC is at the heart of this program

* Adopt a JSR continues to roll along.  In part due to the work that the LJC team lead by James Gough and Richard Warburton, the Spec lead for JSR-310 (Date and Time) has officially announced that Oracle will work with them to get it merged into the OpenJDK in time for Java 8.

* LJC based Adopt a JSR presentations are being sent out to the JUGs across the world and have been presented at a bunch of meetings and conferences already.


Jobs – RecWorks

Firstly a word from myself and RecWorks, the LJC Founders. For those that don’t know RecWorks is my company, we are a specialist consultancy working as an integral part of the London Java Community. We are focussing on both recruitment and developing talent within developers and as part of this organise events for the LJC and the GDC as well as assisting many other technical user groups around London. We work with many of the best employers of Java developers in London and cover every sector from investment banking to social gaming, working with blue chips to startups. I am pleased to announce that our 12th member Tanya Paterson has just started with us as an Executive Director to help us in our with our continual growth. Thanks from all the continual support from LJC members, any feedback or anything we can do for you let me know.

January was a record month for us, which is highly rare. We were able to help a lot of members find new roles and hope that it is a sign of things to come this year. Here are a few of our latest and greatest positions.

We have a new role for a mid-senior Java developer working for the industry leader in online media. This role is perfect for an experienced developer looking to take their career to the next level. The role is a fixed one year contract paying up to £55,000 and can be found here: http://jobs.recworks.co.uk/online/ViewJob.aspx?JobId=996

We have another position looking for a candidate passionate about multithreaded programming and concurrency. This is a company in the financial space with whom we have a lot of history with. The candidate does not need to have any experience with financial industry in the past, just a high level of interest in writing low-level multithreaded code. They will consider candidates with a range of levels of experience, it is a permanent position paying £50-£70,000 and can be found here: http://jobs.recworks.co.uk/online/ViewJob.aspx?JobId=864

The next role is for a senior java developer working for one of the most exciting gaming companies in London. This would suit a mid-level developer who wants to work in a vibrant, test driven team using the latest Java technologies. More details can be found here: http://jobs.recworks.co.uk/online/ViewJob.aspx?JobId=725

A leading open source software consultancy are looking to recruit. They are interested in receiving CVs from candidates at every level from graduate to experienced, but are only interested in candidates with a passion for open source software development using Java or involvement in community work. If you are interested please contact me at bc@recworks.co.uk

Training – Skills Matter

SkillsMatter are the premier European training organisation who run courses in Central London. They host many of our free evening events. They have upcoming events on a host of technologies including Spring, TDD, Groovy and Grails. More details can be found about all their courses here: http://skillsmatter.com/go/java-jee

Member benefits

As always, you can check out our growing list of benefits of being involved in the LJC including the Aggrity site, the LJC Book club and discounts to conferences. For more information see our Benefits Google doc here:http://www.tinyurl.com/ljcbenefits

Coming this month

Please check out our events email which should be with you later this week, it will have details not only of our events but the others going on with other communities. A few of the things we have planned for the next few months include a NoSQL panel event which should be announced soon, an event at QCon, an event on getting into finance, an LJC podcast and potentially a concurrency mini conference so stay tuned.

Final note

Over the last four years, we have watched as the LJC has developed and even transformed the careers of developers in London. There is a long and growing list of speakers that did their first lightning talks with the LJC and are now being invited to speak at international conferences, we have people that are organising their own user groups, starting businesses they love or working within OSS projects they would never have known about. Software development is a career like no others, you can have a massive effect on your career in your own spare time and we are happy to make it as easy as possible. We are always looking for more of you to get involved with what we are doing so if you would ever like to get involved in organising an event, giving a lightning talk or just being an opinion for which direction we should take the LJC in next then let us know. At the very least, please forward this post on to anyone you know that may get some value from our events.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards,

Barry Cranford & Martijn Verburg