I know many of you do ‘Enterprise Development’ (Java/XML/Spring/Hibernate etc) so we thought we’d share a lightly different story of a different app stack. Bruce Durling is one of our oldest members (and helps run the Clojure group) and is working on something quite interesting with helping make Hadoop based data be ‘green and sustainable’ using Clojure (which is of course a JVM language).

As we put more and more pressure on data centres, it’s certainly an interesting area of research on how we can lower energy and resource costs. Do we have any other LJC members involved on the data centre side of ‘the cloud’ or otherwise?  I’d be interested to know whether Java/JVM based applications cause particular problems or perhaps solve them.

If you want to find out more about the Hadoop work, checkout Mastodon at http://startupchallenge.wazoku.com