Jfokus 2012 was held on 13th to 15th of Feburary in Stockholm at the Waterfront Congress Hotel.  Stockholm is a truly beautiful city, an archipelago spanning 14 islands connected by bridges, and at this time of year, miles and miles of solid ice.

On the Tuesday evening there was a free bar which was very welcome given the temperature and amount of snow outside (enough to stop every public service in the UK, but not enough for the average Swede to notice).

Cliff Click (Azul Systems) gave some very entertaining and energetic talks on the JVM and succinctly broke down typical problems with micro-benchmarking.

Angelika Langer (Angelika Langer Training/Consulting) drew a number of oohs and ahhs in her talk covering Lambdas in detail, along with several other Java 8 features.

James Strachan and Claus Ibsen (Fusesource) gave a good talk on Camel for EIP – a laptop issue meant they couldn’t demo the FuseIDE, but as we’re using Camel I’ll definitely be giving the GUI management a try soon.

Kevlin Henney (Curbralan) gave a stunning presentation on OOP in Java (or how Java isn’t object but actually class oriented), it was witty and insightful throughout.  Along with the main theme, he showed how the canonical implementations of Object.equals(Object) violates SRP and later horrified the audience with the revelation that COM is pure OOP.  His talk made a good companion to the works of Uncle Bob and I left feeling enlightened.

I’ve been to a few conferences (in the UK, JAX etc) which have been a great source for learning and motivation – glad to say Jfokus was no exception.  I returned home brimming with ideas, with a long TODO list of cool stuff.

PDFs of some presentations can be found here: http://www.jfokus.se/jfokus/talks.jsp