The London Java Community’s next free event is – ‘LJC Night at QCon’  on Thursday 8th March at 6:30pm.

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With great help from the organisers of QCon we have been able to secure three speakers that are rarely available in London for a special LJC event held at QCon.

We are lucky to have with us: Gil Tene of Azul systems, Adrian Cockroft of Netflix and the creator of Clojure, Rich Hickey.

The event will be held at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre from 18.30 to 20.30 on Thursday 8th March.

Gil Tene (Azul systems) will present “The Application Memory Wall (and thoughts on the state if the art in garbage collection)”

The original “memory wall” first predicted in the mid 1990’s was supposed to have been hit by now, with applications stretching server capabilities to their limits. However, today’s typical application instance only utilizes 5-10% of a modern server’s capacity, and the percentage is dropping.

In this session, Gil will discusses the “Application Memory Wall” and and the likely causes of an observed decade-long stagnation in application instance memory growth and consumption. Gil will analyze the key technical challenges that have led to the emergence of the Application Memory Wall, reviewing the relevant state of the art in garbage collection within managed runtimes in general, and in commercial Java Virtual Machines in particular.

Gil will outline the main technical problem areas that need industry and academic attention and focus. Gil will then dive into the details of an actual collector (Azul’s C4 garbage collector, that addresses the identified set of problems, and show how such solutions can lead to a post-Wall era – an era in which applications will once again be free to productively and naturally consume the abundant compute resources available in modern servers.

Adrian Cockroft (Cloud Architect for Netflix Inc.) will present “Netflix’ Open Source Scalable Java PaaS”

Netflix has used Java for many years, as we moved to run our streaming services out of the cloud, we wrote a highly automated scalable global platform in Java, which we are now open-sourcing, git by git. This talk summarizes the basic features of Astyanax, Priam, Servo, Curator etc., which are available at and are described at Adrian will also describe some interesting Java “faceted type” constructs that provide a kind of multiple-inheritance for business level objects.

Who should attend: Developers and architects concerned with building large scale systems in Java. 

Rich Hickey (Creator of Clojure) will present “Modeling Process”.

Time, perception, values, identity, visibility, state, persistence, memory, transience, process, place, change, communication. We use these terms everyday. Yet, despite its real-world modeling flavor, OO has little to say about them. What do these terms mean, and why do they matter to our programs?

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