Hi All,

Last week (Thursday 8th March) was another great LJC event with some top international talent. Whether it was the beer or the QCon presentations the atmosphere seemed pretty positive… well, it all started fairly well:

Me: “Hi, thanks for coming, my names Barry Cranford, I’m the founder of the LJC”
QCon audience: Cheers and applause (this was unusual, though was gratefully received).

I went on to talk about how the LJC is all about bringing the industry together, helping the ‘average Java developer’ have a voice and getting people to discover their passion for programming, unfortunately it then took a turn for the worse…

Me: “Now not everyone knows this, but I’m actually a Java recruiter”
QCon audience: “BOOOOOOO!”

All in good jest though – thankfully no rotten fruit was thrown my way, maybe we should serve beers before all of our events to get a rowdy crowd!

It was certainly the biggest stage I have stood on and was awesome for us to have been invited by Qcon to organise our event within the room – massive thanks to them. It was a large venue and we had a good 150 people in attendance, including LJC members and QCon attendees. We picked up a few new members so the LJC continues to grow. If anyone has any feedback they would like to add we’d love to hear it: http://www.meetup.com/Londonjavacommunity/events/53477082/ I’m going to see if we can get slides added to this page too asap.

The night kicked of with a talk from Rich Hickey talking on the Modelling Process. For those that don’t know, Rich is the author of the JVM language, Clojure. We first had him speak in London in 2009, he has a great way of making complex things simple and managed to relate his examples to everyday occurrences (forgetting to comment on his wife’s haircut was an interesting one). It was a very well received presentation as Amir Hajizamani commented: Rich is a bit of a philosopher as well as a technical genius. I would definitely recommend following @richhickey for all those interested in Clojure.

Following Rich, we had Adrian Cockcroft from Neflix. Apparently he has been doing the rounds having already spoken at two other user groups this week, he still happily agreed and according to Stefan Tilkov gave “Yet another cool session on the Netflix architecture”. You can follow Adrian with @adrianco.

Finally we had Gil Tene who gave a presentation titled the Application Memory Wall in which he gave his thoughts on the state of the art in garbage collection. It was interesting stuff and again the tweets and feedback were coming thick and fast. Bruce Durling recorded that “Moore’s law is as much about consumption as it is about production”. Regrettably we had to cut the talk very slightly short because we were warned the doors were being locked within a few minutes. If you want to hear more from Gil, you can follow him here: @giltene

Special thanks to Rich, Adrian and Gil. It was rare to get three high profile speakers for one evening and there was a good sense of energy after the event – which may have been helped by the fact that we had about two minutes to get out of the building.

All in all a great event with an unusual amount of adrenaline for an evening about Java. RecWorks is proud to have been able to help organise the event. We have another few meetups being announced asap, if you have any subjects you would like to see a presentation on, or give a presentation on, then do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always keen on building relationships with new developers, if you’re actively looking then check out our jobs page www.recworks.co.uk/jobs to see our latest positions – if you are interested in just having an informal chat or coffee to just hear what’s going on at the moment then give any of us a shout.

Once again, many thanks to all who came to the event – you are what the LJC is all about. See you at the next one!