Hi All,

Monday night was another great LJC event, despite starting a little later than usual. It was great to have a healthy selection of lightning talks followed by a detailed presentation on CouchDB.

We had a more intimate crowd last night, which was more than expected as it was a last minute event. We kicked things off with Martijn explaining the Adopt a JSR programme. It was great to see that over half of the attendees knew about the initiative, it is clearly gaining a lot of momentum. If you’re interested in the programme, or want to see any of the clips from last night, you can watch the podcast: http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/home/couchbase-ljc/js-3850. To follow more of the Diabolical Developer rants follow @karianna

I then spoke about the GDC Meet a Mentor programme and the momentum it too is gaining – we are now 2 events down and a further 2 booked in. I picked up another few mentors from the presentation, but if there is anyone else that saw it that would like to get involved please let me know. If you haven’t heard about this yet then check out the lightning talk here: http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/home/couchbase-ljc/js-3850 I’m very keen on feedback on the talk and concept, so please let me know your thoughts. More from me follow @bcrecworks

We then had Ged give a book review, or more specifically a chapter review, as a lightning talk. Ged organises the LJC Book Club. He spoke about “The NoSQL Ecosystem” a chapter from Adam Marcus’s book “The Architecture of Open Source Systems.” It was a unique idea and if anyone would like to do a similar thing, giving a book review either as a blog post or a lightning talk, then get in touch with Ged or myself. Follow @gedb

Finally, to round up the lightning talks, we had John “Clojure made simples” Stevenson, who delivered a one hour talk, presenting 52 slides in 7 minutes in his usual entertaining style – it was very amusing and had the audience in good spirits – anyone that can teach Clojure in 7 minutes surely deserves some kind of recognition… Follow @jr0cket

Raghavan “Rags” Srinivas, a Developer Advocate at Couchbase then gave a presentation on The Emergence of NoSQL and developing with Couchbase. We had some good feedback, Stu White saying “Great food for thought, as always! I’ve played with Couch a little, but Rags provided some great background and clarified a number of aspects. Nice to see Clojure getting some interest, too.”

To see more from Rags, he can be found @ragss

RecWorks is proud to have been able to help organise another LJC event. As you may know our business model revolves around working hard to organise events and initiatives to help improve the tech industry in London and give back to the community, in an attempt to build long-term relationships with developers. Our revenue comes entirely from recruitment, if you like what we do, or the way we do things then please help spread the word. Most of our business comes from trusted recommendations and referrals, we are always on the look out for top developers so if you know anyone that is looking and agree with our ethos of recruitment please do mention us to others you may know. http://recworks.co.uk/jobs

Thanks as always to SkillsMatter for providing the venue and raffle. For those considering any sort of professional training please do check them out at http://skillsmatter.com or follow join their thousands of followers @skillsmatter

Once again, many thanks to all who came to the event – you are what the LJC is all about. See you at the next one!