Minutes for 29th March, as always, questions, comments etc are welcome!


  • Ben Evans
  • Trisha Gee
  • James Gough
  • Richard Warburton

We voted no to JSR 357, one of the spec leads will be investigating the core concepts of this JSR in an open source, community setting and then may reinvestigate standardisation after the issues that we pointed out are corrected.
Richard Warburton to writeup why we voted no.

With several committee members presently expanding their families we’re not as numerically strong as we were late last year.
James Gough to investigate the situation.

Oracle Meeting
We’re meeting Cecilia Borg, from Oracle, on 17th April in order to represent community interests.
Ben Evans to book a table for this.

EC Relations
We should invite Scot Baldry to a future JCP Committee meeting in order to facility relations with other non-vendor EC memembers.
Ben Evans to talk to Scot about when he’s free.

RI Licensing Issue
We’re unsure as to whether OCSL Appendix D licensing rules apply to open source projects.
Ben Evans to confirm with Oracle as to the status of this.

Trello Review
Richard Warburton to adopt JSR 308 and try to encourage user participation.
Richard Warburton to write up a blog post on why JSR 348 is an improvement.

LJC should run monthly adopt an openjdk hackdays, and needs more instructor level people in order to be able to achieve ethis.
Ben Evans to talk to community contacts about locations.
Instructors to meet and skill-up on 16th April.
Next hackday scheduled for 23rd April.