Hi All,

On last Wednesday night, we had another great London Java Community event with Jan Machacek. It was a packed room, the feedback I have had so far has been great. If you managed to make it along, thanks for coming, for those that couldn’t make it along, you can catch the podcast here.

For those that aren’t yet members of the London Java Community, we organise regular events (3-5 a month) and competitions. You can read more about it here

This is the third time Jan has spoken to the LJC, he’s a fine speaker and always delivers an interesting event. This time it was on Spring and Scala. Jan compared Scala to the other languages on the Java platform and went through how Scala code gets compiled to regular Java bytecode, making it accessible to your Spring code. He also went through functional programming, what it means and how to see & apply the patterns of functional programming in what we would call enterprise code.

After the event we all headed to the White Lion for some drinks. It was also nice to see a good bunch in the pub afterward, we often have a very small percentage coming on for a drink so it was a pleasant surprise to see the event able to continue on into the night.

Special thanks to Cake Solutions and Jan personally for coming down from Oxford. You can follow Jan (@honzam399) and Cake Solutions (@cakesolutions). Cake Solutions are very involved within the community, they are the founding members of the Open Source Journal. They are highly involved in several key Scala projects, I know the MD and the company really well, so if there is any casual interest in getting in touch to discuss any upcoming projects or requirements then let me know and I’ll set up an introduction, or contact them directly at www.cakesolutions.net

We at RecWorks are proud to have been able to organise another event for the LJC. For those that don’t know RecWorks is a specialist consultancy blending social networks and recruitment services to provide first class service to our clients whilst making real efforts to improve the passion and talent in the industry. Rather than spend heavily on SEO or new business cold calling, we focus our marketing efforts on doing good in the industry, e.g. organising regular industry events and building communities. As an example we’re currently heavily involved in trying to connect students with mentors to help decide their career path. We then spend time networking and proactively seeking referrals and recommendations, we are most interested in connecting with any talented developers. As you can probably know, our approach is not to push or harass, more to build long term relationships and help out where we can.

If you do like the way we do things, and do know anyone that may be interested in a new role I would be delighted if you could pass our details on or get in touch personally.

Finally, a big thank you goes to Skills Matter for hosting the event.

Once again, many thanks to all who came to the event.

See you at the next one!