Mike Barker, a stalwart of the LJC has withdrawn from the LJC Associates and the LJC JCP Committee to focus on his exciting new position at LMAX. We’d like to thank Mike for all of his amazing contributions!

Mike has been working as an LJC Associate for the last 18 months and during this time has been an extremely active ambassador for us. He has given a number of well regarded presentations on the LMAX disruptor and other deep dive talks and has run several OpenJDK hack nights which has now turned into the Adopt OpenJDK program. His early analysis of a bunch of JSRs when the LJC JCP Committee was first expected to vote in an informed manner was also greatly appreciated by his colleagues.

From all at the LJC, best of luck in your new position at LMAX Mike, we look forward to hearing about it at the next Developer Sessions.