Ben Evans
Martijn Verburg
James Gough
Trisha Gee
David Illsley
Somay Nakhal
Richard Warburton


  • Everyone happy with meetings at jClarity offices.
  • JG to doodle for next meeting
  • RW to write up minutes from last meeting, and this meeting.

Adopt OpenJDK
The committee discussed the progress being made in this space.  A combination of a mailing list and an irc channel seems to have spurred contributions and made it easier to run and manage.  It would be a good idea to backport these to adopt a jsr.

  • Still plan to keep Adopt a JSR separate from Adopt OpenJDK.
  • RW + MV to setup a mailing list and irc channel for Adopt a JSR – (Done).

Brazil Face to Face

  • A lot of procedural discussion.
  • Several ME members not turning up.
  • Next version of ME will be rebaselined off of Java 7 in 18 months.
  • TOTVS (co-hosting with Soujava) introduced the Committee to Ginga-J – a Java-based digital TV standard used on top of the ISDB-T international standard (used primarily in Japan & South America)
    • This has the potential to allow developers to reach a South American user base of 350 million users via their TVs.
    • The potential and challenges that TOTVS face on the TV standardisation committees bear some similarities to those faced in other parts of the JCP.
    •  Strategies for co-operation with other standards organisations were discussed
    • Also ways to ensure that Java remains a central part of the ISDB-T story for IPTV.
  • Adopt Openjdk discussion at the Face to Face
    • Discussions with Anil Kumar at Intel.
    • Possible Hardware to host adopt openjdk.
    • Initially this could be hosted by LJC, but eventually broaden out to a larger community.
  • Some desire to extend the length of use for OpenJDK TCK to 5 years from Azul, however, no solid conclusions on the matter.

Lambdas Hackday

  • … went very well
  • Some bugs found, and some lessons learned for further hackday discussion.
  • RW to write up feedback for discussion on the mailing list – (Done).

Other Business

  • RW + JG to organise JSR 310 Hackday in London.
  • JG to investigate Java EE standards further
  • BE & MV to ask about putting Private LJC List read-only on the JCP Mailing List.