Vaibhav Gowadia

1. Hello David

Since Mike Barker has left us, the committee welcomes its newest member – David Illsley.
2. 351 Discussion with Vaibhav
We discussed JSR 351 with Vaibhav Gowadia.  There has been a change in the makeup of the expert group, including going through 3 EG Leads.  Vaibhav explained that some of the issues with the original API have been resolved.  Many of our concerns, such as the poor definition of the scope of the API and that its modelling a domain remain.  Vaibhav agreed to get more detail on the motivations involved by some of the EG members and progress with improving matters from that point onwards.

3. Catchup

Following up from previous meetings, and going forward:

  • Martijn to Schedule May meeting
  • Some JSRs making really good progress with adoption (310 and 335) whilst others lagging behind (JMS 2.1)
  • Everyone needs to push Adopt-a-JSR and Adopt OpenJDK whenever they can.
  • We’ve fully investigated the concerns over the JEE licensing issue. and its ok.  The charges only applied to the commercial license, rather to people who are accepting the GPL’d OpenJDK implementation.
  • JSR 356 now satisfying these legal concerns as a result of feedback from the LJC.
  • People should check trello for TODO List updates.

4. Ongoing Items

  • We will launch adopt OpenJDK formally within a week, and spread it out to other JUGs via the JUG Leaders list and public mailing lists.
  • We still haven’t got Oracle’s analysis tools made public, so that they can be used for OpenJDK contribution.


5. Adopt OpenJDK & Adopt-a-JSR

  • We’ve acquired nearly 200 patches to go into OpenJDK, and are busy reviewing them.
  • We’ve moved to github in order to make it easier to coordinate things.
  • Richard made google groups work.
  • James & Somay to work on building OpenJDK and understanding more so that they can skill up and contribute
  • Ben and Richard to do a talk or hackday on lambdas.
  • Its proving hard to get volunteers for adopting jms 2.0 or ejb.