• Martijn Verburg
  • David Illsley
  • Somay Nakhal
  • Jim Gough
  • Trisha Gee
  • Richard Warburton

Adopt a JSR

General consensus to run the Adopt OpenJDK style hackdays for the Adopt a JSR program.

Action Items:

  • RW/JG/MV/BE – Write a “How to run your hack day” article for Java Magazine and the wiki – Google doc
  • RW – Organise a 308 Type annotations hack day
  • RW/MV – Organise a F2F with JAX organisers to sort out JAX London Lambdas Hackday in October
  • SN – Organise hackdays for CDI (contact Luigi) and JSON + Websockets
  • MV – Get hold of Colin Crist for JMS 2.0 (or IBM)


  • We will vote yes on SIP Servlet 2.0 (JSR-359), it simply brings an existing standard up to JEE6 which we think is a good thing.

Action Items:

  • BE – Submit “Yes” vote for JSR-359 (Done)


The rest of the meeting was spent discussing aspects of Java 8 and its modularity story, a decision was made to discuss further with Oracle.


Martijn (on behalf of the LJC JCP Committee)