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The London Java Community’s next free event is – ‘Getting there from here: Java, Scala and Service Orientation at the Guardian’ on Wednesday 3rd October at 18:30.

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Technical leaders within the Guardian will provide a snapshot in thelife of the codebase of one of the UK’s most popular news websites. Each day produces hundreds of articles, pictures,videos and podcasts that are read and enjoyed by millions of people.Currently we are in the unique place of having a hybrid Scala and Javacodebase and being in the middle of a migration from a monolitharchitecture to one that is more service-orientated.

Our current position creates some interesting dilemmas in how wechoose to implement things, some parts of the system are a traditionSpring/Hibernate/Oracle stack while other parts are pure Scala andthere are other flows that alternate between Scala and Java.

-Michael Brunton-Spall, technical lead of the Guardian’s Content APIwill be talking about pragmatic application of function programmingprinciples.

-Robert Rees, technical lead of the public-facing website will be explaining how the code base is divided between Scala and Java, go through some of the decision making processes of how and where we make changes to the code and also offer practical advice about using the Google Guava library to do functional programming in Java.

-Phil Wills will be closing out the talks by giving the architectural roadmap as to how we are transforming our application.

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 Organised by RecWorks

Packt Publishing are a unique publishing company specializing in highly focused books on specific technologies and solutions – please visit their site to find out more about them:

Each month we run a promotion with Packt in which LJC members will be selected at random to receive free books. This month we are offering 2 LJC members the chance to win;

First Prize Winner will receive 1 print copy of his/her choice
Runner Up Winner – 1 ecopy of his/her choice

There are a list of 6 books below. To take part in the promotion all you have to do is RSVP to the event on Meetup and complete the questions:

Here are the books on offer this month, the winner will be picked at random and announced at the end of the month on the competition page:

JQuery 1.4 Reference Guide

Learning jQuery, Third Edition

Ext JS 4 First Look

JQuery UI 1.8: The User Interface Library for jQuery

Spring Security 3

JasperReports 3.5 for Java Developers

To take part in the promotion all you have to do is RSVP to the event page on Meetup and complete the questions:

Please visit the Packt site at

Congratulations to last month’s winners: Adrian Augustyn and Vlad Sushko!

Good luck!

The London Java Community’s next free event is – ‘The London Developer Sessions’ on Tuesday 18th September at 18:30.

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This is our monthly social gathering, which incorporates members of The London Java Community and Graduate Developer Communities. This is an informal social evening most of the evening will be spent having ad-hoc informal discussions in small groups.

We are back to The Slug and Lettuce this month: 19/20 Hanover Street, London We have had some fantastic feedback from those who have attended the event at this venue before and will be holding this month’s event in the same great location. The venue has a nicely sized function room with its own private bar, there are some great offers on beer, there is free wi-fi and it’s easy to move around and chat to lots of people. Most importantly it is a friendly and relaxed environment where developers can get together to chat and network.

The event will kick off at 6:30 PM and usually goes on until around 11:30 with members coming and going at all times throughout the evening. We usually attract 50 – 70 members so it is a lively event in which members, both junior and senior, can connect in a relaxed atmosphere and set the development world to rights.

Barry or another RecWorks team member will be onsite so if anyone is looking for free recruitment advice it’s a great chance to come along for a chat.

Developer sessions sponsored by Atlassian, creators of JIRA, Confluence & Greenhopper.  Tools for developers, by developers.

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What is the LJC

The London Java Community (LJC) is a group of Java Enthusiasts who are interested in benefiting from shared knowledge in the industry. Through our forum and regular meetings you can keep in touch with the latest industry developments, learn new Java (& other JVM) technologies, meet other developers, discuss technical/non technical issues and network further throughout the Java Community.