The London Java Community’s next free event is – The Problem With Women: A Technical Approach on Thursday 1st November at 18:30.

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Presented by Trisha Gee.

We all know “there are not enough women in technology.” And we all know that this is a Bad Thing. But for years we’ve been seeing attempts to address the balance, and yet nothing seems to make any difference. It’s time to explore the hypothesis that the approaches we’ve been taking are not only not working but even potentially damaging. This session

• Dissects the problem

• Determines the requirements to be met

• Explores the domain

• Designs solutions

• Suggests methods of testing the success of the designs

Bring along a sense of humor and an open mind.

Who should attend:

Trisha has let us know that the session is suitable for everyone to attend, and is NOT aimed at just women.  It’s an interactive session, so you’ll have opportunities to contribute, it is not a slide-heavy presentation of Trisha’s opinions. The session is also open to graduates/under-graduates.


Trisha is a developer in London and a leader in the London Java Community. She’s been working in financial markets for the last 6 years or so, but a fear of boredom and healthy amount of job-hopping before then has given her a wide breadth of experience, in a range of industries, over the 10+ years she’s been a professional developer. Trisha is also involved in the Graduate Developer Community, she believes we shouldn’t all have to make the same mistakes again and again.

Please see link for details and to sign up –


 Event organised by RecWorks