Hey guys,

For those that haven’t yet met me, I am the new Business Development Executive at RecWorks. I started last month. Though I have only just started with RecWorks I have been attending LJC and GDC events throughout this year, you may well have met me, I would have been the chatty South African girl, generally at the bar.

I was on a technical training course which touched on Java, then went on to promote JAX London before joining RecWorks. Now that I have joined RecWorks I look forward to becoming a more active part of the community and hopefully I will get a chance to meet you all at future events.

If you are interested, you can follow me on twitter at @shrecworks.

Now on with the events for the next few weeks…

Monday 19th November – London Groovy & Grails User Group Meetup

We’re going to be doing some Groovy coding together! We’ll run through some sample problems and see what types of solutions people come up with. This will be a great way to learn Groovy techniques from others and discuss the pros and cons of different approaches.

If you have a particular coding problem that you have dealt with recently and want to find out how others might tackle it, bring it along. The more the merrier!

RSVP for this London Groovy & Grails User Group event: http://www.meetup.com/london-ggug/events/87054132/

Monday 19th November – In The Brain of Paul Stack: Continuous Integration is No Longer The Goal But The Norm

Paul Stack delivers a free talk on Continuous Integration at Skills Matter. Paul is our Skills Matter expert who also delivers his course on CI and CD here at our London HQ.

This talk will be a session on why Paul thinks Continuous Integration is no longer an aim where developers should be moving towards, but rather is somewhere we should already be. Paul will also give his thoughts on why CI isn’t just a tool.

RSVP for this Skills Matter event: http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/ajax-ria/continuous-integration-is-no-longer-the-goal-but-the-norm

Tuesday 20th November – The London Developer Sessions

You absolutely have to get to this event – it’s the best place to come, drink beer and just socialise with other developers. Talk about projects you’re working on, problems your facing, advise a grad or two or just come to discuss anything you like. It’s a great chance to meet first time LJC members as well as seasoned professionals. Ged will be there with a few LJC Book club members. The RecWorks crew will be there to give any career advice or new job opportunities as well as a few Adopt a JSR advocates to help explain how you can get involved. Really what reason do you have not to come along?

RSVP for this London Java Community and Graduate Developer Community event: http://www.meetup.com/Londonjavacommunity/events/81555032/

Wednesday 21st November – Heroku mini-hackathon

Want to learn how to deploy your web apps really easily and quickly, so you can get fast feedback on if you are building the right things.  Come along to the Heroku mini-hack and build apps with devs from the media industry and discover how to get them deployed quickly using Git and Heroku.  Experienced devs will be on hand to help with Git and Heroku if they are new to you.  Read about the hackathon for London Scala user group.

RSVP for this London Salesforce Developers event: http://www.meetup.com/LondonSalesforceDevelopers/events/86354442/

Wednesday 21st November – Webinar: Building your first Java Application with MongoDB

Learn how to build your first Java application with MongoDB by hearing how you one can build a simple location based application.

RSVP for this London MongoDB User Group event: http://www.10gen.com/events/webinar/building-first-java-app-with-mongodb

Wednesday 21st November – GDG London – Chrome Web Lab Visit

The Chrome Web Lab is a series of interactive Chrome Experiments made by Google that bring the extraordinary workings of the internet to life. Find out more here: http://www.chromeweblab.com/

GDG London will be visiting on November 21st, join us!

RSVP for this event here: http://gdgweblab.eventbrite.com/

Thursday 22nd November – Scala Coding Dojo

A regular coding dojo session run on every third Thursday of the month.  The dojo is now held regularly at the central London offices of TIM Group.

RSVP for this London Scala Users’ Group event: http://www.meetup.com/london-scala/events/79900312/

Thursday 22nd November – Troubleshooting of Oracle Weblogic with JRockit Mission Control

In this deep dive webinar C2B2’s experienced support engineers will demonstrate how to use JRockit Mission Control to identify problems in production WebLogic applications. We will show you how to detect memory leaks, how to diagnose poor performance through excessive latency and how to identify rogue code consuming too much CPU.

RSVP for this event: https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/354160927

Saturday 24th November – London Java Community Open Conference

LJC Conference #5 is a one day event where you can attend a wide range of talks, workshops and practical sessions, drawn from the experiences of those in industry. Its a great opportunity to learn with up to 30 sessions during the day, including a keynote, lightning talks, open source project overviews, a Java 7 track, discussion groups and a whole lot more.

RSVP for this The London Java Community event: http://www.meetup.com/Londonjavacommunity/events/89353112/

Saturday 24th November – Sunday 25th November – Rewired State: Parliament 2012

Weekend hackathon in partnership with National Parliament week, raising understanding and engagement with parliamentary democracy in the UK. Developers and designers of all abilities are welcome to see what they can build with parliamentary data.

Sign up here: http://rewiredstate.org/hacks/parliament-2012

Tuesday 27th November – Meet A Mentor – University College London

Graduate only event

Have you always wondered what you want to do when you graduate?

Are you worried about all the talk of grads finding it hard to find work and what it will mean for you?

Do you want to know the difference between working in a bank, a gaming company or a startup?

What technology should you specialise in? Java, Ruby or any of the other countless programming languages?

Now is the chance to find out. You may well have heard the buzz about the Meet a Mentor events – this is the next in a series of events open to all students. Also please get in touch if you are interested in becoming a mentor: email Anji at ac@recworks.co.uk

RSVP for this The Graduate Developer Community event: http://www.meetup.com/grad-dc/events/90504962/

Tuesday 27th November – Code & Coffee

Morning session (7am – 9am) on Tuesdays every fortnight on Starbucks in Oxford Street.

RSVP for this London Software Craftsman Community event: http://www.meetup.com/london-software-craftsmanship/events/87239712/

Thursday 29th November – Clojure for Java Developers

Presented by John Stevenson (@jr0cket)

Learning a new language is one of the best things a developer can do to broaden their experience and adapt different approaches into their work.  The greater the difference in language principles and syntax, the more you can benefit.  Learning a functional programming language can also help you make more of the current trend of multi-core CPU architecture…

RSVP for this The London Java Community event: http://www.meetup.com/Londonjavacommunity/events/90658542/

Thursday 29th November – Webinar: MongoDB on the JVM

Explore the deeper relationship between the MongoDB database and various languages on the Java Virtual Machine such as Java, Scala, Clojure, JRuby and Python in this upcoming webinar.

RSVP for this London MongoDB User Group event: http://www.10gen.com/events/webinar/mongodb-on-the-jvm

Friday 30th November – Random Hacks of Kindness – Southampton UK

See here for details: http://www.rhok.org/event/southampton-uk

Have a wonderful week and hopefully I’ll catch up with you all at tomorrow night’s Developer session