Hey Guys, Sam here

Hope you all  had a wonderful weekend and keeping warm in this icy weather. The partner event email is going to be a little different this time round due to the festive break coming up. Instead of two weeks worth, this email is going to contain a months worth of events.

That means the partner email won’t be back till around early January when things will start picking up again.

Here are the events for the next few weeks


Tuesday 11th December 2012 – Code & Coffee

Morning session (7am – 9am) on Tuesdays every fortnight on Starbucks in Oxford Street.

RSVP for this London Software Craftsman Community event: http://www.meetup.com/london-software-craftsmanship/events/64208722/


Tuesday 11th December 2012 – Software Craftsmanship Round Table

A group discussion at TIMGroup every second Tuesday. FULL – WAITING LIST AVAILABLE

RSVP for this London Software Craftsman Community event: http://www.meetup.com/london-software-craftsmanship/events/93943872/


Tuesday 11th December 2012 – London Erlang User Group Meetup

This Meetup will be all about Testing, with two speakers sharing their experience on the matter:

Thomas Arts – Professor and co-founder of QuviQ AB

Title: Your tests as a simulator 6.30- 7.00

Steven Gravell – http://mokele.co.uk/

Title: Writing bindings between Erlang property testing and Javascript because I had one bugfix to make 7.15- 8.00

RSVP for this London Erlang User Group event: http://www.meetup.com/erlangusergroup/events/90363522/


Wednesday 12th December 2012 – Philipp Haller: Correctly and Efficiently Combining Concurrency Abstractions

Correctly and Efficiently Combining Concurrency Abstractions: Actors have become a commonly used abstraction for concurrent and parallel programming in Scala. However, many real-world systems and applications combine actors with other concurrency abstractions, such as futures, or threads and shared-memory synchronization constructs. This talk explores pitfalls of typical combinations and provides some advice on ensuring their correctness and efficiency. Philipp Haller has been a member of the Scala team since 2006. His research at EPFL on concurrent programming with race-free actors in Scala has been published in leading conferences, winning a best paper award. He is the creator of Scala’s first act. We will, as always, also be heading to the Slaughtered Lamb pub afterwards.

RSVP for this London Scala User Group event: http://www.meetup.com/london-scala/events/92618752/


Wednesday 12th December 2012 – jBPM5 – The Evolution of BPM Systems

jBPM5 provides a fresh and new approach to the BPM Arena, for that reason Mauricio Salatino and Esteban Aliverti wrote the jBPM5 Developer Guide.

During the first 30 minutes a quick introduction about the framework presenting the book and the concepts covered in the first 5 chapter will take place.

During the second half we will spend some time analyzing how the Drools and jBPM5 provides an unique Platform to run not only Business Processes.

The second half of the book will be covered, showing advanced use cases that take full advantage of the Business Rule and the Business Process Engines.

RSVP for this JBoss User Group event: http://www.meetup.com/JBoss-User-Group/events/85267232/


Thursday 13th December 2012 – Webinar: Simplifying Persistence for Java and MongoDB – Dec 13th 6pm

A webinar covering the design and major features of Morphia, an Object Document Mapper (ODM) for Java and MongoDB.

RSVP for this London MongoDB User Group event: http://www.10gen.com/events/webinar/morphia-persistence-for-java-mongodb


Thursday 13th December – Friday 14th December 2012 – Groovy & Grails Exchange 2012

Groovy is proving more and more popular as a complementary language to Java and you can discover how it and the rest of its ecosystem can help with development on the JVM at the Groovy & Grails Exchange 2012.

RSVP for this event: http://skillsmatter.com/event/groovy-grails/groovy-grails-exchange-2012


Thursday 20th December 2012 – Scala Coding Dojo

A regular coding dojo session run on every third Thursday of the month.  The dojo is now held regularly at the central London offices of TIM Group.

RSVP for this London Scala User Group event: http://www.meetup.com/london-scala/events/87342812/


Hope you all have a wonderful festive season and looking forward to catching up with you all in the New Year.