It’s New Years Eve, and your JCP Committee is spending a few hours cleaning up a few threads from this year.

We realised that we never blogged to tell you about some new members of the JCP Committee. First of all, we’re very pleased to welcome back Simon Maple. In addition, both Graham Allen and Kim Ross volunteered to help out – so thank you to all of them.

For full details of your committee, please visit:

We’ve also brought up to date our voting record on JSRs to cover all of 2012. You can check it out here:

As ever, we’re always happy to talk about our work with the JCP – please come and find us at events if you’re interested – we always want to hear your views and to make sure that we’re representing the LJC to the best of our ability.

Happy New Year and we’re looking forward to more excellent work in 2013.