The London Java Community’s next free event is: Bring your Performance Problems Panel on Thursday 7th February at 18:30.

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Bring your Performance Problems Panel

This event brings together some of London’s top performance experts and gives you the opportunity to ask them questions about topics of your choice. The questions could be about a variety of topics:
* Performance problems you’ve encountered when developing software.
* What methodologies should you use when diagnosing a problem?
* How to fit performance testing and tuning into your normal development methodology.
* Tools and software: anything from NoSQL databases and concurrent messaging frameworks to sun.misc.Unsafe.

In order to submit a question, just comment on this event or tweet a question with the hashtag #ljcperfpanel. The discussion should be suitable for any member to attend. The panel members are:

Peter Lawrey
Millenium Capital Partners

Innovative developer of high performance Java Systems for competitive advantage. Developer of the Java Chronicle library. 19 years experience designing, developing and supporting leading edge high performance systems. Peter’s blog has had over one million hits in the last 18 months and is a Dzone Most Valued Blogger.

Martijn Verburg

Martijn is the CTO of jClarity – a Java/JVM performance tooling company for cloud and enterprise deployments. He focuses on demystifying performance jargon and likes to get people to firstly think about the methodology of approaching a problem.  “Measure, don’t Guess”

Most of you will know him as the co-leader of the LJC where he leads the global effort for the Java User Group “Adopt a JSR” and “Adopt OpenJDK” programmes.

Martijn’s book “The Well-Grounded Java Developer” (with Ben Evans) was published by Manning in 2012.

His talks and presentations are in high demand by major conferences (JavaOne, Devoxx, OSCON, FOSDEM, QCon, etc). Often you’ll find him challenging the industry status quo in his alter ego “The Diabolical Developer”, which he’ll probably bring out on the panel :-).

Manik Surtani
Red Hat/JBoss

Manik Surtani is a core R&D engineer at JBoss, Red Hat’s middleware division. He is the founder of the Infinispan project, and Platform Architect of the JBoss Data Grid. He is also the spec lead of JSR 347 (Data Grids for the Java Platform), and represents Red Hat on the Expert Group of JSR 107 (Temporary caching for Java). His interests lie in cloud and distributed computing, big data and NoSQL, autonomous systems and highly available computing.

Jeremy Whiting

Red Hat/JBoss

Jeremy Whiting is a Senior Software Engineer working at Red Hat in the JBoss middleware division. Currently in the Performance team and previously on the JBoss Transactions team. He is a technical representative for Red Hat on the Java committee of the Standardised Performance Evaluation Corporation. Participating in the the development of standardised performance benchmarks and peer review of published results. Performance analysis and tuning of open source operating systems and JEE middleware is a great challenge which he relishes.

The panel will be moderated by Richard Warburton.

Please see link for details and to sign up –

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