The London Java Community’s next free event is – QCon London – LJC User Group Meeting on Thursday 7th March at 18:30.

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With great help from the organisers of QCon we have been able to secure a speaker for a special LJC event held at QCon.

We are lucky to have Arun Gupta speaking on Thursday 7th March at 18:30.

The event will be held at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.

Arun Gupta will present: Java EE 7 Platform: Boosting Productivity and Embracing HTML5

The Java EE 7 platform focuses on Productivity and HTML5. JAX-RS 2 adds a new Client API to invoke the RESTful endpoints. JMS 2 is undergoing a complete overhaul to align with improvements in the Java language. Long awaited Batch Processing API and Concurrency API are also getting added to build applications using capabilities of the platform itself. Together these APIs will allow you to be more productive by simplifying enterprise development.

WebSocket attempts to solve the issues and limitations of HTTP for real-time communication. A new API is getting added to build WebSocket driven applications. Processing JSON structures is inherent in any HTML5 applications and a new API to parse and generate JSON is being added to the platform. JavaServer Faces is adding support reusable flows and HTML5 friendly markup. There are several other improvements coming in this latest version of the platform.

The Java EE 7 platform is scheduled to release in Q2 2013. Some of the implementations are already integrated in GlassFish. This talk will provide a code-intensive introduction to the updated Java EE 7 platform. Several live demos will be shown during the talk. Don’t miss out on this session to learn all about how to leverage the new and exciting standards in building your next enterprise application.

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