Hey guys,

I hope you’re all are having a wonderful Monday, I have just retuned from a lovely sunny holiday in South Africa and really looking forward to some great events over the next few weeks.

Here’s what’s going on:

Monday 4th March – London Code Dojo 19

We’re a bunch of software developers that love to code, play, learn, improve and eat pizza! Every month we meet up in order to practice code katas, clean code, software craftsmanship, pair programming, Test-Driven Development and learn from each other for an hour or two. Food and drinks are provided.

RSVP for this London Code Dojo event: http://www.meetup.com/London-Code-Dojo/events/104397622/


Tuesday 5th March – Code & Coffee

Morning session (7am – 9am) on Tuesdays every fortnight on Starbucks in Oxford Street.

RSVP for this London Software Craftsman Community event: http://www.meetup.com/london-software-craftsmanship/events/104265242/


Wednesday 6th March – Easy Integration with Apache Camel and Fuse IDE

In this talk James Strachan will give an overview of the Apache Camel project and how it can be used to solve your integration problems. We will introduce the Enterprise Integration Patterns & show how Camel can implement them easily using Domain Specific Languages and use them to connect to any middleware, transports, protocols or services.

RSVP for this JBoss User Group event: http://www.meetup.com/JBoss-User-Group/events/102513792/


Thursday 7th March – QCon London – LJC User Group Meeting

With great help from the organisers of QCon we have been able to secure a speaker for a special LJC event held at QCon. We are lucky to have Arun Gupta speaking on Thursday 7th March at 18:30.

RSVP for this London Java Community event: http://www.meetup.com/Londonjavacommunity/events/106458472/


Thursday 7th March – Talk Big Data with Darach Ennis and John Vlachoyiannis

The User Group on the 7th of March is sponsored by QCon London and will take place between 18:30-20:00 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London. Darach Ennis will talk about ‘Conversational Big Data’ and John Vlachoyiannis’s talk subject is “LDB: The BigData In-Memory database built with Erlang, C and LISP”.

RSVP for this Erlang User Group event: http://www.meetup.com/erlangusergroup/events/106468222/


Saturday 9th/Sunday 10th March – Rewired State – WoW Hack Day

We are excited to have the opportunity to run a hack alongside the WOW – WOMEN OF THE WORLD FESTIVAL, at London’s Southbank Centre.

RSVP for this event: http://rewiredstate.org/hacks/wowhack


Saturday 16th March – Hack your Mind with Candy

Another chance to hack with the London Scala user group and the wider software development community. Read about the HackTheTower event in February to get a feel for the event.

RSVP for this London Scala User Group event: http://www.meetup.com/london-scala/events/106002042/


That’s everything for now – I will be back in two weeks to bring you some more partner events.

Looking forward to catching up with you all at the next event!