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Attended: Richard Warburton, Martijn Verburg, Ben Evans, David Illsley, Graham Allan, Somay Nakhal, Kim Ross

* Graham to schedule the March meeting
* Wrote a couple of articles for Java Magazine – Adopt A JSR & Hackday
* Still looking for a JEE person – failing
* JSON/WebSockets hack day done! Yaaaaay – very little feedback back to organisers
    * Short retrospective after the hackday?  (on the hack day and the JSR)
    * Split the hack day with experienced/novice users – offer intro to novice users
    * Possibly better to have joint hack days running on weekends
* David to write up JSON/WebSockets hackday feedback
* Richard to add the how to run a hackday presentation somewhere more visable
* Martijn to write a thank you post to Trish
* LJC to publicly write it’s position on JSR 358 – Google doc to put our thoughts in.
* David to take the tertiary position as the LJC JCP rep – to check with work first (GDS)
* Adopt a JSR global call – “Awesome call” – covered: Facebook page started by Brazillians, how to run a hack day, adopt a jar, bunch of git commits
* Adopt OpenJDK – Going well – Trying to get OpenJDK onto github. Looking into the best way to submit patches to OpenJDK

LJC JCP Committee Minutes for March 2013

Apologies for the delayed publication of these minutes. If you have any questions about what we’re doing or what goes on at these meetings, please get in touch.

In attendance:

Martijn, Richard, David, Kim, Jim

* David started a tradition of adding Puppies to minutes
* Martijn is to complete the Adopt a JSR community page and redirect the to the new community site. This could also include the following features:

  • How do I get started button
  • Coverflow of JSR status (content flow)

* Recent hack days were successful, however we need to get more feedback/follow up back to the Spec Leads, Expert Groups etc.

* Ben to pass onto the JCP EC that perhaps all of the lawyers ccurrently discussing JSR 358 could get together and write some guidance for corporate lawyers on how the JSPA and OCA work, an FAQ if you will.

* Encourage the “Adopt a JSR” programme to also focus on delivering feedback at the EC level, e.g. Try to kick-start more technical discussions on the EC.

* Ben to suggest renaming/repurposing the EDR stage to a “Tech Review” stage to encourage early tech review of JSRs.

Hi all,

The committee meets once a month in person and has several discussions on their mailing list about Java standards and how the LJC should cast its vote.

As per our informal charter, we blog about any changes in the make up of this committee. On this occassion Trisha Gee is stepping down in order to focus more on local LJC activities, Simon Maple returns & there is a new welcome addition in the form of Kim Ross!

Trisha was our tertiary rep who had been involved right from the beginning of hte committee’s existence when we first won the vote to have an EC seat. She consistently provided sharp insights into the industry that we will definitely miss.

Trish also ensured that we didn’t take things too seriously by enforcing rules such as “Red wine and chips”. The fierce battles over those last few chips were only out done by the vigorous debates on open standards.

Simon returns in his new guise as a technical evangelist for someone a little smaller than Big Blue :-). Kim Ross joins us with her valuable knowledge on NoSQL, gaming and other technology areas.

So thanks again Trish, welcome back Simon and welcome aboard Kim!

Martijn (on behalf of the LJC JCP committee)

PS: We’re always looking for more people to help us out – so if you have a passion for Java as a platform and want to help it stay relevant and vibrant going forwards then let us know!

Hey guys,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful relaxing long weekend, it was great to see a lot of you at DevoxxUK last week and thanks for all the support you guys gave the LJC booth. It is time again for another partner email and there are some great events coming up in the next few weeks. Starting tonight, Code & Coffee with the London Software Craftsman Community.

Here’s what’s going on:

Tuesday 2nd April – Code & Coffee Central London *EVENT WAS YESTERDAY – SEE LINK BELOW FOR FUTURE EVENTS*

Morning session (7am – 9am) on Tuesdays every fortnight on Starbucks in Oxford Street.

RSVP for thisLondon Software Craftsman Community event:


Tuesday 2nd April – Code & Coffee West London *EVENT WAS YESTERDAY – SEE LINK BELOW FOR FUTURE EVENTS*

Code & Coffee is a cool meeting for those who like coffee and love writing code. The idea is simple. Just come along and you may find other developers writing some code before going to work while drinking some coffee and/or having breakfast., Electric Coffee Co in Ealing Broadway

RSVP for this London Software Craftsman Community event:



We’re a bunch of software developers that love to code, play, learn, improve and eat pizza! Every month we meet up in order to practice code katas, clean code, software craftsmanship, pair programming, Test-Driven Development and learn from each other for an hour or two. Food and drinks are provided.

RSVP for this London Code Dojo event: *Full but waiting list available


Saturday 6th April – National Hack the Government 2013


Rewired State, for the fifth year running, will be hacking the Government. We’re delighted to run this event and it has become a firm favorite and a flagship event in the Rewired State calendar.

National Hack The Government Day will be held this year on 6th April 2013 and we are inviting you to join us to build software, visualizations and other creations that puts the government’s meticulously-compiled facts and figures to good use….

RSVP for this Rewired State event:


Tuesday 9th April – MongoDB London conference

As seen in a raffle held via The London Java Community in March 2013..The largest MongoDB event in Europe. At MongoDB London you can expect to hear from contributing 10gen engineers on exciting new features in MongoDB 2.4, the MongoDB java driver, success stories and case studies from local customers and community members — and most of all networking opportunities with London’s top tech talent.

As a valued member of the community we can offer you a 10% discount on general admission tickets. Book at this link with the code LJC10 to get your ticket.


Wednesday 10th April – Jon Pretty: Rapture I/O

Jon Pretty (@propensive) will be talking about Rapture I/O (, a comprehensive open-source Scala library providing much of the functionality of the and packages with a much more intuitive and extensible Scala API. Rapture I/O takes advantage of Scala’s best features to provide a simple and safe interface to common I/O operations.

RSVP for this London Scala User Group event:


That’s everything for now – I will be back in two weeks to bring you some more partner events. Looking forward to catching up with you all at the next event! If you’re interested in getting your group or event on the list then please contact me for further assistance.





LJC JCP Committee Minutes

Apologies for the delayed publication of these minutes. If you have any questions about what we’re doing or what goes on at these meetings, please get in touch.
In attendance:
Ben, Richard, Somay, Martijn, Simon, Kim, Graham

The committee met over the New Year and updated the trello boards.

No voting in January

Somay to organise Feb meeting

Adopt-a-JSR article for OTN discussion.  pre-submission

Engage Oracle in discussion with regards to their plans for JavaFX and standardisation – Resolved. Open Source

Got some momentum with JavaEE – 4 people and going….

Hardware for Adopt OpenJDK – Resolved. Not proceeding III – quick discussion to get us up to date.

Landing page for Adopt-a-JSR – In progress –
Looking for content input, Hashtag, graphics

Currency JSR… Ben has resigned. Concerns about how the JSR is progressing

Richard looking at scraping for calendar

Nashorn hackday – 2nd March tentative

EE7 in public review – query about why/how it’s ahead of some component specs

JSON JSR – Richard raised some concerns about performance considerations. David to follow up with EG

CDI 2.0 – If it happens, keen to see a broader participation.

What is the LJC

The London Java Community (LJC) is a group of Java Enthusiasts who are interested in benefiting from shared knowledge in the industry. Through our forum and regular meetings you can keep in touch with the latest industry developments, learn new Java (& other JVM) technologies, meet other developers, discuss technical/non technical issues and network further throughout the Java Community.