LJC JCP Committee Minutes

Apologies for the delayed publication of these minutes. If you have any questions about what we’re doing or what goes on at these meetings, please get in touch.
In attendance:
Ben, Richard, Somay, Martijn, Simon, Kim, Graham

The committee met over the New Year and updated the trello boards.

No voting in January

Somay to organise Feb meeting

Adopt-a-JSR article for OTN discussion.  pre-submission

Engage Oracle in discussion with regards to their plans for JavaFX and standardisation – Resolved. Open Source

Got some momentum with JavaEE – 4 people and going….

Hardware for Adopt OpenJDK – Resolved. Not proceeding

JCP.next III – quick discussion to get us up to date.

Landing page for Adopt-a-JSR – In progress – http://community.java.net/community/adoptajsr
Looking for content input, Hashtag, graphics

Currency JSR… Ben has resigned. Concerns about how the JSR is progressing

Richard looking at scraping jcp.org for calendar

Nashorn hackday – 2nd March tentative

EE7 in public review – query about why/how it’s ahead of some component specs

JSON JSR – Richard raised some concerns about performance considerations. David to follow up with EG

CDI 2.0 – If it happens, keen to see a broader participation.