Hi all,

The committee meets once a month in person and has several discussions on their mailing list about Java standards and how the LJC should cast its vote.

As per our informal charter, we blog about any changes in the make up of this committee. On this occassion Trisha Gee is stepping down in order to focus more on local LJC activities, Simon Maple returns & there is a new welcome addition in the form of Kim Ross!

Trisha was our tertiary rep who had been involved right from the beginning of hte committee’s existence when we first won the vote to have an EC seat. She consistently provided sharp insights into the industry that we will definitely miss.

Trish also ensured that we didn’t take things too seriously by enforcing rules such as “Red wine and chips”. The fierce battles over those last few chips were only out done by the vigorous debates on open standards.

Simon returns in his new guise as a technical evangelist for someone a little smaller than Big Blue :-). Kim Ross joins us with her valuable knowledge on NoSQL, gaming and other technology areas.

So thanks again Trish, welcome back Simon and welcome aboard Kim!

Martijn (on behalf of the LJC JCP committee)

PS: We’re always looking for more people to help us out – so if you have a passion for Java as a platform and want to help it stay relevant and vibrant going forwards then let us know!