The London Java Community’s next free event is – Java Native Interface with Eclipse and Android on Wednesday 12th June at 18:15 at Skills Matter, London.

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Presented by Jeff Lawson.

The Java Native Interface (JNI) enables Java developers to make use of C libraries for high-performance functions such as telephony, sound and graphics. JNI enables developers to re-use their existing C/C++-based software and opens up the opportunity to use the C/C++ libraries developed by the company or organisation they work for.

This event provides broad and detailed coverage of JNI across allplatforms and specifically for the Android NDK. This is a how-topresentation with fully working code samples and turn-key instructions for implementing all aspects of JNI listed below.

The presentation will be delivered using slides and live code demos.

The following subjects will be covered:

* What is JNI and why use it?
* Writing C functions and C++ methods callable from Java
* Mapping strings and other data types
* Writing callbacks into Java
* Exception handling
* Memory management
* Threading
* Using standard C libraries
* Using open source shared libraries, e.g. OpenJPEG
* Adding native code libraries to JAR files
* JNI with the Android NDK
* Targeting multiple processor architectures
* Using native APIs, e.g. OpenSL ES in Android 2.3
* Debugging native code in Eclipse

All slides and codes samples will be provided to attendees.

Who should attend:

Developers wishing to gain a good understanding of the Java NativeInterface plus the Android NDK.

This event assumes that attendees are Java developers with at least apassing acquaintance with C/C++. Attendees are assumed to have noexperience of JNI.


Jeff Lawson is a Java / C / C++ / Obj-C developer who works for an international telco. He wrote his first JNI-based product, a JNDI service provider, in 2001. He now uses JNI as a crucial and extensive part of his Android telephony development.

Please see link for details and to sign up –

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