Date 05/06/13

Attendeed: Martijn Verburg, Somay Nakhal, David Illsley, Simon Maple, Ben Evans
Apologies: Richard Warburton, Jim Gough

Thanks to Jim Gough for setting up the meeting

  • Simon took/is taking minutes for the meeting
  • Martijn to set up the next meeting doodle poll
  • JCP to put up a public calendar – Chasing to do their site refresh
  • ACTION Ben to put our vote through for 358
  • Red Hat wants to start the expert group for Java EE 8 with others including as many developers as possible, as early as possible, including participation from the LJC. We’re looking into helping with this.
  • Graham has stepped down – Action to write a thanks post
  • Still need a 3rd for Ben for the F2Fs
  • Martijn will likely step down as a 2nd to Ben so will need a 2nd and 3rd at some point
  • Wanting to increase the number of volunteers in the LJC JCP committee. The committee will reach out to individuals after a lack of success on the main mailing lists
  • The ‘What should the JCP do next?’ survey has been rubber stamped by the EC committee – so we’ll send this out soon to developers so we can pass this back.
  • Write a blog post about our position for JSR 358 – very little action on this – Discussed during the meeting and will write up in a doc/blog post as the LJC JCP’s statement.