LJC  JCP- Committee Meeting

Date : 23rd April 2013

Time: 18:30


  • Ben Evans

  • Martijn Verburg

  • Simon Maple

  • Richard Warburton

  • David Illsley

  • Somay Nakhal

Thanks for Jim for scheduling the meetings and JClarity for hosting

  • Take minutes – Somay

  • Send updates to OTN and Java magazine – Martijn.

  • JSR states on trello board – Updated by Martijn.

  • Previous month meeting minutes – posted by Simon.

  • Voting records on wiki – was updated by Ben.

  • Scheduling next Meeting – Jim volunteered.

  • Reach out to Spring about CDI – Martijn to follow up.

  • Landing page for Adopt a JSR – Martijn to talk to Sonya at java.net to arrange it.

  • Blog about signing the OCA/JSPA – Jim to write blog.

  • How to run Adopt a JSR presentation – Richard to make available on java.net

  • Blog post 358 position statement – All to update document.

  • “What should the JCP be doing?” Survey – Ben to take to Zurich meeting for the EC opinion.