The London Java Community’s next free event is – So You Want To Become A Java Contractor? on Wednesday 31st July at 18:30.

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We are often asked by developers about contracting; what the market is like, when to take the first steps and how it differs from permanent opportunities. Contracting can be a great career option but can be very different from working as a permanent employee. We have set up the RecWorks Contractor Network (RCN), the idea being people can network and share advice on their experiences through a common mailing list. It also means we can get a really good cross section on what is happening in the contract market. We have invited members of the RCN to share their experience on working as a contractor.
This event is suitable for:

– Experienced developers considering one day taking a step into contracting

– Students that are interested to find out more about the difference between permanent and contractors

– Experienced contractors keen to share opinions, tips and advice on working as a contractor
The event will run with a panel in a ‘fishbowl’ style. If you’re unfamiliar with fishbowl events, four to five chairs will be arranged in an inner circle (or a panel at the front of the room), this is the fishbowl. The remaining chairs will be arranged in concentric circles outside the fishbowl. A few participants will be selected to fill the fishbowl, while the rest of the group sit on the chairs outside the fishbowl. One chair will be left empty, any member of the audience can, at any time, occupy the empty chair and join the fishbowl. When this happens, an existing member of the fishbowl must voluntarily leave the fishbowl and free a chair. The discussion continues with participants frequently entering and leaving the fishbowl. The audience outside the fishbowl listen in on the discussion.

Please see link for details and to sign up –


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