Hi all,

The committee meets once a month in person and has several discussions on their mailing list about Java standards and how the LJC should cast its vote for each Java Specification Request (JSR).

As per our informal charter, we blog about any changes in the membership of this committee. On this occasion Kim Ross has stepped down temporarily to other commitments.

Kim was a fantastically pragmatic minded member of our committee with a sharp eye towards what was sensible and useful for the day-to-day Java developer. She also bought extra expertise in the form of NoSQL and caching technologies and the views from the gaming sector.


We welcome to the fold Gemma Silvers (a LJC stalwart) who is currently heading a technology team at Amazon. We’ll be relying on her experience in dealing with the modern cloud an large Java/JVM deployments.

Also joining us is Sean Landsman who brings us extensive experience from inside the Java enterprise trenches across a multitude of sectors (yes, including finance, it is London after all!). Sean helps balance out the group with his experience of seeing large Java shops in action.

Last but not least we have Daniel Bryant who comes with an impressive academic CV and and extensive career as a contractor / consultant. Daniel has also been hard at work on some of the LJC’s open source projects, such as Betterrev

So thanks again Kim and welcome to Gemma, Daniel and Sean!

Martijn (on behalf of the LJC JCP committee)

PS: We’re always looking for more people to help us out – so if you have a passion for Java as a platform and want to help it stay relevant and vibrant going forwards then let us know!