The London Java Community’s next free event is – ‘ClojureFest with LJC and London Clojurians’  on Thursday 19th September at 18:30.

Please see link for details and to sign up –

An evening of short talks from London-based Clojure experts to help you get started with Clojure, Concurrency, Java inter-operability. A dev clinic will be held afterwards with some experience Clojure hackers to help you install a working development environment on your laptop.

Clojure by Example

Demonstrating the elegance of the Clojure language by looking at example code and demos:

– core.async is a library for async programming & communication.

– overtone is an amazing environment for creating music and sounds.

– core.logic is a logic programming library offering a Prolog-like relational programming, constraint logic programming, and nominal logic programming for Clojure.

Nuts and Bolts – Clojure and Java playing nicely together by
Jen Smith, Thoughtworks (25 mins)

Showing how easy it is to use Java libraries from within Clojure and vice versa.  Covering some of the design patters useful for Java & Clojure interoperability.

Concurrency in Clojure – 
Malcolm Sparks, JUXT (20 mins)

What makes Clojure so good for multi-threaded programming and why

Nuts and Bolts – Getting started – John StevensonSalesforce &Heroku (30 mins)

Now you have seen Clojure in action we will show you how to set up a development environment and other useful tooling to help you build software with Clojure.

We will look at Leiningen as a humane build tool (no more XML), Emacs if you want more of a Lisp like experience, LightTable if you want a ClojureScript experience, Eclipse & Netbeans if you want to stick with the Java tools you are used too.
If there is time we will also show how to deploy Clojure to the Cloud with Heroku.


Please see link for details and to sign up –


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