Changes to the LJC JCP Committee

As mentioned in a previous post the committee is very pleased to have been re-elected to sit on the JCP committee. Everyone who works on the LJC committee does this voluntarily and in their spare time. Naturally as other commitments come around for personal and/or other opportunities we always welcome new faces and bid farewell to those who have contributed.

On this occasion, Richard Warburton is stepping down from the LJC JCP to focus on other initiatives within the Java community. Richard has worked on countless initiatives within the LJC JCP and first became interested in the cause when he first moved to London and met Jim Gough in a bar at the monthly developer sessions. Since then he has significantly contributed to both project lambda for Java 8 and the Date Time API, also for Java 8. Working with the rest of the committee Richard helped to setup sone of the corner stones that launched the Adopt-a-JSR initiative and running hack days in multiple countries. It is fair to say that Richard has aided the delivery of Java 8 and many of its newer features.

Richard is well known to the spec leads of the major JSR projects due to his insight and feedback into the development of the features. Although Richard is leaving the LJC JCP group he will still be actively involved in the community and through the Adopt-A-JSR program.

We would like to thank Richard for all his hard work and wish him all the best for the future.

Jim Gough on behalf of the LJC JCP Committee