Hi Guys,

I can’t believe January is almost over, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and managed to take some time off to relax! If you haven’t seen it yet don’t forget to sign up for the festive un-party next week, I think its going to be an awesome event and a great start to 2014.

Here is a list of a few other community events happening in London over the next two weeks that you may well be interested in attending.

Tuesday 21st January 2014
Software Craftsmanship Round Table
This is our monthly software craftsmanship round table to discuss technology, practices or whatever else takes our fancy.
If you’re using some new technology you think others would be interested in, if you’ve got a design or some code you’d like to discuss, if you’d like to discuss a specific practice, a problem you are having at work or you’d simply like to see what others have got to say – come along and join in the debate.
London Software Craftsman Community

Wednesday 22nd January 2014
In The Brain of Russ Miles: Enabling Adaptable Software: Scaling up a simple Event Domain
Within your software, your choices when implementing the Event domain that glues your domains together are key to decoupling other domains in your application so that your software can adapt to future change effectively.In this talk Russ Miles will showcase how to gradually increase essential complexity in your event domain to de-couple and disentangle different domains within your application.
Skills Matter

Wednesday 22nd January 2014
Async and Push notifications – #6 Android LiveCode London
I have the pleasure to introduce you our two speakers: one of our European partners NetMera which will be represented by Kaan Bingol and for the first time Lucas Rocha.
To start, we will have a technical presentation on “Rich push notifications” with Kaan Bingol.
And would you like to know more about an «Easy async loading in ListViews/GridViews with Smoothie»? Well, I invite you to come and join us for Lucas’s presentation…
London Android LIVE CODE

Thursday 23rd January 2014
Java vs C++, which is faster
All Java communications rely on TCP/IP, trading off portability in exchange for performance. But performance, both low latency and throughput, is key in the actual context of exponential increase in the amount of network-based computational resources, distributed applications, massive online services and enormous amounts of data. This talk will cover several efforts carried out during the last years in optimizing Java communications, which have succeeded in overtaking even natively-compiled applications (C++). People concerned about the efficiency, performance and scalability of Java distributed applications will enjoy joining the discussion.
London Java Community

Thursday 23rd January 2014
In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm – Raft
This algorithm is similar to Paxos (consensus algorithm), which we have not yet touched, but as Lamport’s Paxos is a classic, let’s give Raft a shot right away 🙂
Raft claims to be simpler than Paxos, which while “well known” isn’t very simple. In a recent google talk they also noted that what they’ve referred to as “their paxos impl” is basically raft….
Paper Cup – The Reading Club

Monday 27th January 2014
London Code Dojo 30
A Code Dojo in the usual format.
EVENT FULL – WAITING LIST AVAILABLE – Please see link for future events..
London Code Dojo

Tuesday 28th January 2014
Code & Coffee (West London)
Code & Coffee is a cool meeting for those who like coffee and love writing code. The idea is simple. Just come along and you may find other developers writing some code before going to work while drinking some coffee and/or having breakfast.
Caffe Nero
6 Hammersmith Broadway, London, W6 TAL
London Software Craftsman Community

Tuesday 28th January 2014
Code & Coffee (Old street)
Code & Coffee is a cool meeting for those who like coffee and love writing code. The idea is simple. Just come along and you may find other developers writing some code before going to work while drinking some coffee and/or having breakfast.
Look mum no hands!, 49 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX
London Software Craftsman Community

Wednesday 29th January 2014
LJC Festive Un-Party!
Come one, come all and join us for the LJC festive un-party. It will be on the 29th January at the Village Hall in Shoreditch. The refreshments are being sponsored by our good friends Atlassian.
This will be something a little different to our usual LJC events and will include a combination of open mic style presentations, lightning talks and a few surprises.
London Java Community

Thursday 30th January 2014
Erlang, Big Data, and the Wild West – Brett Cameron and Chris Brown
Brett Cameron and Chris Brown will share their opinions about what Big Data really means and will consider the evolving role that Erlang is playing in the Big Data space and in Cloud computing. They will also briefly discuss how they came to be involved with Erlang by porting it to HP’s legacy OpenVMS operating system, the story behind this work, and some of the technical challenges that were encountered along the way.
Pizza and beer courtesy of the hosts 🙂
London Erlang User Group

Coming up..

Tuesday 4th February
Android on x86 platforms & Second-Screen API demo
Xavier Hallade, Technical Engineer from Intel will first demonstrate that x86 architecture now can’t be avoided on the app market as it offers high performance in complex applications.
He will then demo the use of the 2nd-Screen API on Android app with Wireless Display.
If you don’t want to miss this one, register on Eventbrite.

Monday 10th February
Dart Flight School
Dart hit 1.0 and is now Flight Ready! Developer communities around the world are hosting Dart Flight School events during the month of February 2014.
Join us for an evening with Chris Buckett (Dart expert) and Pete Bacon Darwin (Angular expert) to learn Dart and Angular, build modern web apps with a new language, core libraries, and tools such as a package manager, editor. Use Angular with Dart for extra jet fuel, as Angular has ported their popular framework to Dart which will be covered in great detail with tutorials and coding examples.
Register on EventBrite

Thats everything for now, If you’re interested in getting your group or event on the list then please contact me on sh@recworks.co.uk for further assistance.