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Hi guys,

I hope you are enjoying the hot weather and managing to miss the thunderstorms!

Here’s a round up of the events that are taking place in and around London over the next couple of weeks that I’m sure you’ll want to check out.

The list includes details of the Whitechapel CoderDojo coding event for kids. We are always keen to do what we can to promote quality events for children, as they will be the developers of the future. If you don’t have kids yourself who would be interested, please mention the event to friends and family so as many budding developers as possible get the chance to find out what coding is all about.

Tuesday 22nd July
Speaking Out: A workshop for public speaking in tech
Public speaking is a great opportunity for people to raise their professional profile and employment opportunities. Unfortunately its also regularly identified as the activity which people fear the most. Its ok – we’re here to help! If you’ve thought about giving talks at your workplace, local user group or even international developer conferences but just need a little support to get started then you should come along to this event..
London Java Community

Friday 25th – Sunday 27th July
Summer of Hack
Summer of Hack 25-27, July 2014 @Shoreditch Village Hall at 7:00pm
MAY THE BEST MOBILE APP WIN! The Salesforce Summer of Hacks awaits you. Compete to win cash prizes by building the best mobile app that runs in the Salesforce1 Mobile App container found on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Bring fresh ideas, meet new people and build cool apps!
Go to to register now. Space is extremely limited!

Saturday 26th July
Test Camp
Good Software Architects Practice,Practice,Practice.
A whole day of defining “WHAT” to test.
Interview, Design, Validate. up to 30 people 6 teams, one objective… to become better at our craft. Java, .Net python….who cares… all welcome, just LEAVE your ego’s at the door.
Software Architect & Mentorship Group

Wednesday 30th July

Java 8 – Part 2!
Mark Harrison will continue our Java 8 discussions with a talk on Lambdas and Streams
Manchester Java Community

Saturday 2nd August
Whitechapel CoderDojo
CoderDojo Whitechapel for kids is a free coding club.
Saturday, 2nd August, from 2 to 5pm
At this session, there will be plently of things to choose to do:
learn how to code a website
host your website for your friends to see
learn how Java works and make some cool quizzes
or just work on your own projects with some assistances from the mentors
Don’t worry if you’ve never coded before, all you will need to do is bring a laptop and have fun. There will be mentors to assist you at every point.

Save the Date – Wednesday 6th August
GDG London
Do you like +Polymer or are you a frontend web developer and don’t know anything about Polymer yet?
Save *6th August* in your calendars, because +Eric Bidelman will be in London, details (including the registration link) to follow in nearest weeks.
Keep watching our channels.

Thats everything for now, If you’re interested in getting your group or event on the list then please let me know –

Until next time,



Hi guys,

The festival and holiday season are getting up to speed so let’s hope for more good weather. For anyone who will be in and around London over the next two weeks there are plenty of events that I’m sure you’ll want to make time for. Check out the details below: there is something for everyone.

One thing I will say is we have had a few interns approach us looking for opportunities over the summer so if anyone is interested in a developer for the summer please do let me know

Monday 7th July
Evening Code and Coffee / Craft Beer
Every fortnight, we meet for coffee, code, craft beer, and some great food.
This is a great opportunity to:
• meet other cool software craftsmen
• work on pet or open source projects
• pair with someone else on whatever you like (katas, koans, etc)
• ask someone to join or help you with your own project
• have a face-to-face meeting with your mentor or mentee
• have a nice chat over coffee and beer
We’ll be meeting in “Look mum no hands!”, a laptop friendly cafe/bar that’s open until 10pm, and sells great coffee, excellent beers, and some tasty food. They also repair bikes and hang them from the ceiling like chandeliers, because why not?
London Software Craftsman Community Already happened now but please see the link for future events!

Tuesday 8th July
Design Patterns Polyglot Presentation – Bringing out the developer in you
A presentation of all “Design Patterns” and their implementation in multiple languages.
Now here is the twist
From the previous weekend, attendees will have created the Scenarios and Code ready for the presentation. Then present real life scenarios and reflect how they would implement design patterns
See you all there
Software Architect & Mentorship Group

Tuesday 8th July
HTML5 vs Native & Night Mapper app – July Mobilise Meetup
We will start with a presentation on “HTML5 vs Native app” by Joshua Wöhle.
“We’ve all see what HTML5 can do and why it’s better to go native. Everyone comes to the same conclusions but the arguments being advanced are often coming from either one or the other angle, leaving it rather biased. We will stage a face-off between an HTML5 and a Native development enthusiast to try and get some more substance to the debate!”
And don’t miss Harley Morlet’s presentation about his app: “Night Mapper”. He developed it thanks to phone gap, and will share some tips and tricks with you about his journey..

Wednesday 9th July
July Docker Meetup
After a long wait, Docker London is back with 3 talks:
Alex Vaghin, “Containers @ Google”
Ian Miell, “Docker, ShutIt and Technical Debt”
Jamie McCrindle, “How to build, test, deploy and manage an application and it’s environments end to end with Docker and Ansible”
Docker London

Thursday 10th July
Master the Forex Markets
Forex is the BIGGEST market in the world: Over $3Trillion is traded DAILY. So how can you participate in this massive industry and make money consistently? Find out how in the next meetup from Rishi Patel and Thiru Nagappan.
London IT Contractors Group

Thursday 10th July
WEBINAR – WombatOAM – The best OAM tool your Erlang systems can get
WEBINAR – WombatOAM is an operations and maintenance tool for Erlang based systems. It is designed to help developers and operators administer and monitor clusters of Erlang nodes in heterogeneous public and private clouds.
Regardless of whether your company is using a proprietary system or Erlang based open source tools, and needs more visibility and a provision to integrate with your existing OAM infrastructure, this is a great opportunity to learn what difference WombatOAM can bring to your organisation.
Erlang Solutions invites you to join Francesco Cesarini (Founder & Technical Director, Erlang Solutions) and Csaba Hoch (WombatOAM Developer & Expert, Erlang Solutions) to explore what WombatOAM provides and how it can help in monitoring your system.

Saturday 12th July – Sunday 13th July
DataHackUK 8
DataHackUK 8 and 12-13 July 2014 @ Innovation Warehouse at 6:00pm
Join us for a cross-border hackathon with Tata Communications. London will be hacking simultaneously with Redwood City, California! Present an idea, form a team, and create an app that will change how we value big data. Launch party starts on July 8 and hackathon starts on the 12 till the 13.
Register now, space is limited –

Tuesday 15th July
London HTML5 ShowCode
London HTML5 ShowCode 15, July 2014 @ Makers Academy at 6:30pm
Learn how IOT is changing the world even in agriculture and how the internet is improving the lives in people of all fields.

Tuesday 15th July
An introduction to Zero Defects
Delivering “Zero” defects requires all departments to unite and work together, but where do you start? This talk is to lay the ground work for workshops reviews and talks around delivering great software.
Zero Defects

Wednesday 16th July
Code & Coffee (South-East London)
Code & Coffee is a cool meeting for those who like coffee and love writing code. The idea is simple. Just come along and you may find other developers writing some code before going to work while drinking some coffee.
Emperor House, Unit C, Dragonfly Place, SE4 2FL, London
London Software Craftsman Community

Wednesday 16th July
London Android LiveCode
London Android LiveCode 16, July 2014 @ Innovation Warehouse at 6:30pm
Learn how to leverage existing back-end services and better customer experience with Dods. Get a more slick result with a Mobile + Push Notifcations system.

Wednesday 16th July
Developing for Google Glass – Londroid – 16th July
Hands on with Glass
An opportunity to get hands on with some Glass units. Try out some innovative apps and demos and start to get a feel for what you will need to consider when creating your own apps.
London Android

Thats everything for now, If you’re interested in getting your group or event on the list then please let me know –

Until next time,



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