On Wednesday 2nd May, we’re running an event all about Microservices and Serverless. Specifically, we’ll be thinking about: how we got here, things to think about and let’s see you do it.

We’ll be joined at the event by Tim Graves, a Cloud Native Solutions Specialist at Oracle. This job title sounds grand, but as you may have guessed, it means he helps people to solve their problems using cloud-based solutions. Prior to his current job, Tim has held many other roles, including but not limited to… Pre-Sales, Product Management, Requirements Engineering and Architect; he also has experience in a variety of product areas…Security, Storage and IOT. When he’s not hard at work Tim is a keen skier and unprofessional chef.

Tim Graves headshot

In preparation for the event we had a chat with Tim and got his view on the session, the latest technologies and advice for up and coming programmers.

1. Why do you think this presentation is important for people?

Serverless is the latest architecture on the “Hype Curve” (You should have seen how often it was mentioned at the O’Reilly software architecture conference last winter.) In this talk we’re going to look a little about the history of how we got to serverless, and also things you should consider when the dream of the hype runs headlong into the concrete wall of reality.

2. Who do you think should come along?

The event is suitable for programmers and non-programmers who are interested in Microservices and Serverless and in particular, open source serverless frameworks.

3. What Java/JVM technologies are interesting you most at the moment?

I’m currently spending *way* more time using Streams and Lambdas than I ever expected I would; if you’re not familiar with them go find out more.

4. Any advice for junior programmers entering the industry?

Learn about how to do Architecture, not just Programming, in the short term it’ll help you understand how your work fits into the overall picture, and in the longer term it opens up many more opportunities

The Microservices and Serverless event is happening on 2nd May, 18:00 – 20:00 at WeWork Waterhouse Square, EC1N 2SW. If you’d like to join us, please register here: