In case you’ve not been along to one of their events yet, or you’re entirely new to what they do, we wanted to draw your attention to the London In-Memory Computing Meetup. The group is open to everyone and is aimed at those already working with distributed systems or interested in doing so.


We caught up with Tom Diedrich, Director of Community Engagement at GridGain and one of the organisers of the Meetup. Tom told us about why the group was founded, their aims, future plans and gave us his advice for new developers.

What can you tell us about the London In-Memory Computing Meetup? Why did you set it up and why should people join?

I’m one of the organizers of the London In-Memory Computing Meetup, we founded it a couple months ago because we saw an unmet need. The need for a venue for data scientists, database architects, software developers, CTOs — and everyone else — using or interested in learning more about in-memory computing, Big Data, Fast Data, IoT and HPC solutions. This includes use cases, best practices, and more. It may be of interest to you if you are already working with distributed systems, planning or interested in doing so.

What about the future – What is your longer term vision for the group? Can you give us any spoilers about what to expect?

Well, this group is open to everyone and we’ve already had leading in-memory computing experts from Oracle, GridGain and VoltDB speak at the London meetup. My longer-term vision for the group is to have users share their challenges, successes and lessons learned from the trenches.

On the larger scale I’d love to grow awareness about in-memory computing in general. And this meetup will be showcasing, on a regular monthly cadence, the latest news in this rapidly growing ecosystem. So attending these meetups gives members an advantage in that they are informed about not only what’s currently available, but also what is coming up from vendors and users (companies using these technologies) from around the world.

I also see the meetups as a way of drawing attention to the annual In-Memory Computing Summit Europe conferences. The next one will be in London June 25-26. The conference is a natural extension of the London In-Memory Computing Meetup.

Obviously being in a community engagement role you meet with loads of the industries best developers – from your experience what advice would you have for more junior developers about how to get the best out of their career?

I’d recommend that they join the open-source Apache Ignite community, download the latest version and start by saying “Hello” to everyone in the community via the dev mailing list. The project has a very friendly and active group and it’s the perfect place for junior developers to learn. The volunteers are a very nurturing bunch and some of the best developers in the world.

For more information, please visit the London In-Memory Computing Meetup page –