Next week we’ve got a great event happening that we thought you’d find interesting.

Joe Schmetzer (@tumbarumba) will provide advice and guidance about nudging your career to maximise your happiness and success. Then Dr Holly Cummins (@holly_cummins) will take an in-depth look at what makes software development a roller coaster – culminating in a series of practical tips to help you rediscover the euphoria that you felt the very first time a metal box in front of you came to life and cried out “Hello World”.

Ahead of the event we were fortunate enough to catch up with Holly; here’s what she had to say…

1. Who do you think should come along to your talk?

This is a talk for everyone who’s part of a team, who’s leading a team, or who is working on their own and trying to identify strategies for being effective. So basically everyone!

2. What do you think are the three most interesting questions that this event will answer?

Am I allowed to ask my boss for fun?
How can I make my work more fun?
Are mushroom (“fun-gi!”) jokes about the subject of fun ever a good idea?

3. Why do you think this presentation is important for people?

Even though fun sounds really trivial, it’s such an important topic. There’s a lot of evidence that we are more productive and more effective in fun environments – as well as being happier. For example, your brain at positive is 31% more productive than your brain at negative, neutral or stressed.

But creating a fun work environment isn’t just a question of installing ball pits and mandating Hawaiian shirt Fridays – it’s about optimising away the tedious, wasteful tasks that drain team morale, and then creating an environment where people can find satisfaction in doing great work.

4. Any advice for junior developers entering the industry?

Life is too short to spend it doing things that are boring, that we’re not learning from, or with people who make us feel bad. Odds are, if you secretly hate your job, your job secretly hates you. As developers, our skills in demand, so we should invest in ourselves and find a role which lets us realise our potential.

If you’d like to come along and join Holly and Joe on 10th July you can find all the details and register here: