On Tuesday 17th July, we’re hosting an evening focused on all things Kubernetes.

This session is not an introduction to Kubernetes, quite the opposite, it will highlight why Kubernetes is great, but not a magic silver bullet that will solve all your problems – you need to be ready to make some hard choices.

We’ll be joined at the event by 2 great speakers. Mauricio Salatino (salaboy.com) is currently the Activiti Cloud OSS (activiti.org) Tech Leader at Alfresco. Previously, Mauricio worked for Red Hat / JBoss in the Drools & jBPM projects, where he authored 4 books about these projects. With more than 10 years of experience in Java and in the Business Automation field Mauricio is pushing forward to modernise a very conservative industry by following the Open Source Way. Ryan Dawson is a core member of the Activiti team at Alfresco, helping to drive forward the Activiti open source project. He has spent 10 years working in Java Development scene in London across a variety of industries.

Ahead of the event we caught up with them both to get the lowdown on what we can expect at the session.

Who do you think should come along?

Anyone interested in microservices projects where the domain is complex (communication challenges with domain experts/business); or needing to adapt to changes to business; or to model review/approval/escalation workflows.

Also, people interested in learning from the experience/journey of an Open Source project while we transition from a monolith design to a Cloud Native set of building blocks.

What do you think are the three most interesting questions that this event will answer?

How can we put the business domain at the centre of our microservices architectures?
What does a modern Java development stack for distributed systems look like?
How can business automation tools like Activiti best fit into the modern Java development stack?

Why do you think this presentation is important for people?

We’ve thought a lot about how microservices is being done and will be done in the near future. We think Activiti Cloud adds valuable new tools, but we can also share insight from our use of Spring Cloud, Kubernetes, Helm and Jenkins-X as well as tools we’re looking at for the future such as Istio.

Any advice for junior programmers entering the industry?

Learn Kubernetes!

The session is happening on 17th July, 18:30 – 21:30 at Skills Matter EC2M 7EB. If you’d like to come along you can register here: http://bit.ly/2NE7RkM