On Tuesday 24th July, we’re delighted to bring you an evening focused on serverless. James Thomas, Lead Developer Advocate for Serverless at IBM Cloud, will lead a session focused on migrating from traditional applications to serverless cloud platforms. James spends his time speaking at conferences, writing blog posts or creating open-source code to share the awesomeness of serverless cloud platforms. James is a committer on Apache OpenWhisk, the open-source serverless platform. He wrote (and maintains) the official JavaScript client library. He also created the OpenWhisk provider plugin for The Serverless Framework.

Following on from James’ talk, Pratik Patel, CTO of Atlanta based TripLingo, will present a short introduction to Serverless, what it means to developers, and why it’s important to understand this technology. Pratik wrote the first book on ‘enterprise Java’ in 1996, “Java Database Programming with JDBC.” He has also spoken at various conferences and participates in several local tech groups and start up groups. He’s in the start up world now and hacks iOS, Android, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Rails, and ….. well everything except Perl.

Mail AttachmentWe were fortunate enough to catch up with James before the session. to get his views on what to expect from the event and who will benefit the most from coming along.

1. Who do you think should come along?

Anyone interested in learning more about serverless, whether they have just heard the buzzword or even starting using them, this talk will cover material for everyone! Serverless is going to be the default way to build cloud application in the future.

2. What do you think are the three most interesting questions that this event will answer?

“Does serverless use servers?” JOKE (It does).
“What is this serverless thing?”
“What else do you need to know about cloud platforms to use serverless?”
“When is it not appropriate?”

3. Why do you think this presentation is important for people?

Serverless is the most disruptive change in building cloud applications since “the cloud” began in 2006.

4. Any advice for junior developers entering the industry?

Never stop learning.

If you’d like to come along, the session is on Tuesday 24th July, 18:00 – 21:00 at IBM, SE1 9PZ. You can find all the details and register here: